After Earth

I have heard rumors the earth will be destroyed, people are preparing with their hearts and minds.
But the question is, when and where from here?.

I have decided to go to Mars, with what shutle you ask?. I will walk the earth and one day, maybe one day, i will fall off the face of the earth into space and swim down to the shores of Mars.

I try to imagine how earth will be after the destruction, where will the tall buildings be, the large farms, the scrapers, mansions,what will happen to them all?, who will live there?, and most importantly what will happen to all the money in the bank?. I could buy a shutle with that.

Yes, all gone. Now it has happened, people are screaming, children are crying, adults are counting their loses. The children are lost, their parents dead or no where to be found, wild animals hunt their prey as always, as if nothing has happened, herbivores have become carnivores.

No where to hide, no where to run, nothing to eat, i just walk aimlessly looking for dead bodies of humans or animals, to devour. Zombies they call us in movies, but to live you have to be dead.

2 thoughts on “After Earth” by Oyeniji Sadeeq (@Bookfreez)

  1. Levuz (@Levuz)

    Really? Never actually given Zombies any chance of being real, but now you’re making me reconsider.

  2. @levuz, life always re-shape things.

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