The Deranged Enraged

The Deranged Enraged

The Deranged Enraged

It’s always a pleasure watching a mentally deranged man displaying lunatic activities but no one would ever pray to share his fate. As a kid Mathew and his two friends had always been elated to help Kunle whenever he was on the mission to serve Galali his meal. If not owing to the fact that going with him was the only chance they had at seeing and playing pranks with the insane man, they won’t have helped Kunle with the task in a million years.
It was on a Friday evening, after Mathew had seen his father off to his hunting adventure, he stepped outside ignoring the chore he was meant to do. He met his friends at their usual rendezvous point where they would wait patiently for Kunle to pass by. Kunle was the man who the king had put incharge of taking care of Galali and getting paid for his job.
As soon as they sighted him from afar, they ran joyfully to meet him and after the normal greetings they all shared his burden with him. For Kunle it was a joy having someone to help him without having a claim in his fat salary, so when its time for the payment of the debt, he would grant them an unrestricted access.
Its a long walk from the village to the sick man’s castle, a place volunteered for him by the villagers after it was declared hazardous having him walk around the village with normal people. The kids hate the stress of going on such a long walk carrying load but who are they to complain to? Was it not a price to pay for the pleasure they seek?
Soon they reached the abandon farm house which served as an abode for the deranged man, a building located at the extreme outskirt of the village. Kunle who only had the key to the villa opened the gate and they all troop in. They brought down the food which was eba with okro soup.
He opened the door to the main room and there lies this dark hefty man with a hair generously endowed with lice, sitting down quietly.
‘Hello Galali, here is your food’ Kunle said showing him the bowl.
He tried to move forward to take the food from his handler but he was held back by the chain on his wrist which was tied to the wall. Kunle motioned to the children to come have the fun they came for.
Taju who was the eldest and the bravest among the three came forward, took a morsel from the bowl and then threw it at the insane man. The man remain calm at first but when Taju started throwing missiles of eba mixed with little stone at him continuously, he started screaming for mercy. His scream was amusing to them, so they laughed without stopping the game.
It was when the missile hit one of his eyes that he went berserk, he used his free leg to kick his tormentor to a corner in the room. The rest retracted back watching as Galali struggled to break off his restrain. Taju weaken by the sudden kick tried to make his way out of the room before his friends could slam the door but unfortunately he couldn’t.
They were all taken aback when they saw Galali broke off his chain and descended on Taju, giving him a terrible beaten with the broken chain. They all ran off leaving their friend at the mercy of the deranged man who didn’t stop until he had beaten life out of his victim.
Hungry not for food anymore but for blood, Galali stepped out of his cell for the first time in five years. He sort for a weapon to aid him in his vengeance crusade and found a spade.
Kunle came out offering him the food he had been denied of but he knocked him down with the spade and pulverized his brain. The remain two after witnessing the horror, made a run for it but Galali followed in pursuit.
The ran out of the compound into the road shouting for help but who could hear them, afterall they were at the outskirt of the village. Galali still bent on killing them all, came out with his weapon and saw his prey running off. He aimed a big stone at the closest one and the boy fell down. He ran to his victim, knocked him out and began shoving out his inner organs.
Matthew screamed to the top of his voice when he saw his friend’s components scattered on the ground. After pleasing himself with the poor boy, Galali charged toward his final prey.
Sensing his imminent death, Matthew became engulfed with fear. Below his trouser came drops of liquid slipping down to the ground. Galali came at him with his spade but before he could initiate an attack, a gun shot came out of the bush and Galali fell down.
Matthew was more than excited when he saw his father came out of the forest with his hunting gun, he quickly ran to him and took solace in his bosom.

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe

5 thoughts on “The Deranged Enraged” by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe (@Niyopumping)

  1. Nduka Ekeh (@NdukAfro)

    It’s quite interesting, the enraged deranged taking his pound of flesh from the sanes who drove him insane with their constant taunts.

    The writeup still needs some editing. There are some grammatical and spelling flaws that should be edited. Like “giving him a terrible beaten (beating)…” “The (they) ran out of the compound…” et al.

    Keep on writing.

  2. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    Everyday for the thief and one day for the owner. Lucky Matthew.

  3. Your piece would have been really interesting but you didn’t take the time to edit it. Tenses, spelling, etc. Nice idea, though.

  4. Need little editing though. Good story and goodly told.

  5. Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe (@Niyopumping)

    Thanks people i will work more on it next time.

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