Dead At Birth

Darkness was coming.
Jimmy walked calmly; he just confirmed he was being tailed by a boy in a green shirt. He had seen the boy in the restaurant and he kept casting glances at Jimmy. The boy had followed him out of the restaurant, through the court yard and recreational center. Jimmy noticed him when he had slowed down to pretend buying snacks at a roadside stand, the boy dashed into a shop too.
The boy was a rookie. He made it easy. Jimmy walked calmly still so as not to alert the boy. Two stalls ahead Ben popped out.
‘Hey Hey Hey! Jim. Nice to see you man, it’s been a while’ Ben held his hand out for a shake
‘Walk with me Ben’ Jimmy said almost without stopping, Ben promptly falls in line
‘What’s going on?’
‘Someone’s been tailing me’
‘Are you serious?
‘Ok, we’ll stop, you’ll stylishly look around for a guy in a green shirt’ they both stop. Jimmy looked to the ground and Ben scanned the crowd of people.
‘I can’t see…Oh wait I see someone’ He almost pointed but cautioned himself. They walked on.
‘What are we going to do?’ Ben had worry labeled all over himself. Ben had soft skin unlike Jimmy. Jimmy had the hide of an alligator.
‘We? You better go Ben’
‘No way men. I got your back to the end’ Jimmy nudged his shoulders
We need to get away from all these people, It’s getting dark. There’s a dark street just ahead’
‘Are you serious?’ Ben protested ‘do you know what that guy could do to you?’
‘Does that guy know what we could do to him. He looks like a rookie’
Ben ceded and they walked on, the boy in the green shirt trailed them still, he made no effort to catch up. The street was usually quiet. There were residential buildings occupied by people who didn’t come home till after late. On both sides of the lane, there were parked cars and buses discarded, on sale or just parked by playboy’s who wanted to have fun with their girls in the back seat. Jimmy looked around, it didn’t seem like there was anyone there.
‘Alright’ Jimmy said immediately they turned the corner. ‘you’ll pretend like you’ve gone to take a leak behind one of the cars. I’ll stand a few feet away and wait for our guy. You’ll tackle him from behind if he tries anything. You got it?’
Ben nodded and detached from Jimmy as the Boy turned the corner. Jimmy took a few steps ahead and leaned on a car. His hands fiddled with the switchblade in the pocket of his sweater. The Boy got closer, Jimmy saw he had a bag slung over one shoulder. The Boy walked hesitantly like he had just realized his errors.
Jimmy fixed his gaze on him as he passed. His hands were poised to produce the knife if it was needed. The Boy passed then turned and walked up to Jimmy.
‘Hey…uhm…sorry…are you Jimmy Boyega?’ The Boy said
Before he could settle Ben enthusiastically pounced in him and with his weight tackled The Boy to the ground, tightening his elbow round The Boy’s jugular. Jimmy did nothing till the boy started choking.
‘It’s ok, Ben’ Ben let go, Jimmy crouched.
‘Here’s a lesson: You should know better than to tail someone on campus and make it so obvious, what do you want?’
The Boy spoke between coughs ‘I was…sent to…give you something…I wasn’t sure…I just wanted to follow you to your hostel’
Jimmy helped him to his feet
‘They gave me a number- Room 368?’
‘Yeah, that’s mine’
The boy slung the bag off his shoulder and rummaged through it
‘Ben, you have such a strong grip there’ Jimmy said as they waited
‘Well, I’ve been working out. I lifted three…’ Ben was silenced by a bullet to the head. He fell down immediately.
The Boy held a silenced gun pointed at Jimmy, he had found what he was looking for. Before Jimmy could speak, a bullet hit his knee.
‘Lesson’ The Boy said ‘Never lead a stalker into a lonely place’ then he shot Jimmy’s head.

She saw it all, while waiting for Simon. She saw the boy who leaned on the car and the others who joined him, oblivious of her presence in the car. She saw the boy who had shot them, he looked around and nodded at a job well done. She remained quiet, she was stunned not cautious. Who would she tell?


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    intriguing! nice one

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  3. Nice story with its captivating images drawing out its beauty.continue with this

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    wow…..a shocking twist wow….wuld read again to check out punctuations and all

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