2015 Election In Focus

2015 Election In Focus

The annual Fresher’s Oratory Contest as hosted by the Union of Campus Journalists, University Of Ilorin held this year’s edition of the contest, titled: “Party Politics and Democratic Sustenance in Nigeria, 2015 election in focus”.

The event, which attracted distinguished personalities in the media circle, has in attendance, the Union’s staff adviser, Dr. Mahfuz Adedimeji, NUJ chairman Kwara state, Mr Abdulkareem Abiodun represented by Mallam Mustopha, Dr R.G. Jimoh H.O.D Computer Science, Mr Olusegun Kupolu, and Mr Oladosu Mubaraq from Cooperate Affairs Unit, Unilorin. Others include, former presidents of the union, Mr Alao Idris, Mr Wale Bakare, the Students Union president, Comrade Yakub Ishowo and the distinguished panel of judges which include the university Google Student Ambassaador, Mr Olasupo Abideen.

Representatives from various faculties such as faculty of physical science, environmental science, law, education, arts, and management science participated in the contest.

The union president Mr Taofeeq during his speech said that the Fresher Oratory Contest was initiated by a two former president of the union, Mr Alao Idris and Mr Wale Bakare, who stated the main objective of the contest is to promote writing and vocal confidence in the newly admitted students.

He also thank the chairman of the day, guest lecturers, staff adviser, the contestants among others for making it to the occasion. He wished everyone present a nice stay during the occasion.

Meanwhile, the union’s staff adviser, Dr. Mafuz Adedimeji in his speech stated that life is full of competition where individuals face challenges on daily basis and achievement is made due to individual effort. He congratulated all those that would eventually win and lose because it takes a lot to be a contestant. He also stated that best competitors will always win and wish the participants a successful outing

The contestants’ effort was graded based on the appearance, composure, speaking ability, points and time managements and hence the contestants from various faculties were called on to defend their stand on the topic “Party Politics and Democratic Sustenance in Nigeria, 2015 election in focus”

The guest speaker, Dr. Lukman Saka in his justification on the topic, discussed thus; “For a free and fair election in 2015 general election, the independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) should be an independent body as free and fair election depend on them. Impartiality is crucial to the success of the 2015 general election, whether there will be a free and fair election, all depends on the electoral body.”

He further stated that politicians should know that they are answering the call of the nation; securities of the nation should not depend on a party but every citizens common goal for a free and fair election.

He also stated that politicians should strategies a positive way for economy growth, while displaying a spirit of service to the people rather than bidding for re-election.

However, Emmanual Victory Evans from the faculty of Engineering emerged the winner, Olawuyi Damilola from faculty of education was the first runner up and Ajibade Sunday Temidayo of the department of physical science came out second runner up. Gifts and award was presented to winner and other contestant by the personalities present.

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