Tales Of Uma


Title: Who Killed Joy (Part One)


Uma couldn’t stand up from his bed he felt numb and his head ached seriously, he felt like staying in bed all day but he knew that wasn’t a good idea because he had lots of work to do at his office

Uma couldn’t remember what happened lastnight and he didnt care, he was satisfied with the thought that everyone he invited to his house party all had a great time.

He struggled to get up from his bed knowing the fact that any more minutes he spent there would be detrimental to the board meeting he had that morning. He got up and walked straight to his bathroom, his eyes still filled with sleep. He reached straight for his toothbrush and his toothpaste, he gently squeezed out some toothpaste and it rested on the top of his toothbrush and immediately he headed to the sink

Uma never looked at the sink all through the time he was washing his teeth, his eyes were fixed on the mirror in front of him as he washed every inch and corner of his mouth. After washing for some minutes he bent his head to spit out the foam in his mouth when he noticed that the sink was stained with blood, he quickly raised his head and looked directly at the mirror in front of him touching his mouth with his hand to see where he had cut himself in the process of washing his mouth but he was surprised to see that there was no cut in his mouth or anywhere around his face, he was shocked to see drops of blood in his sink, which were no way from him.

“Then where did it come from?” he questioned himself

His toothbrush fell on the floor and when he tried to pick it up he was shocked and taken aback when he saw bloody footprints leading all the way back to his bedroom. He nearly jumped out of his skin, but he controlled himself. Uma wished that the footprint and drops of blood he found in his sink were not blood but paint but ofcourse they were. He was a surgeon he could recognize blood ten miles away.

You could hear Uma’s heart running fast like one injected with Adrenaline. He was beginning to sweat though his bathroom was air-conditioned, it had no effect on him.

Uma scanned the bathroom as though he was looking for answers, but his eyes stopped and rested on the blind which hung on a peg that was screwed to the ceiling, behind the blind was his bath tub. Uma’s heart began to race fast as he stares at the blind that was stained with blood, he took slow but anticipating steps towards the blind, each step he took increased his heartbeat. His eyes were fixed on the blind and when he finally got there he slowly parted the blind with his left hand as though something was lurking behind it, waiting to attack him. He parted the blind and his eyes saw Joy’s dead body swimming in her own blood.


Uma gave a high pitched scream, but he quickly used his right hand to cover his mouth so as not to attract the attention of his white neighbours.

What Uma saw behind the blind made him cringe with disbelief and shock. Staring somewhat accusingly at himself with glassy eyes.

“What! How did this happen??, I’m sure no one entered my bedroom last night, so what is Joy’s body; dead body doing in my bathtub” Uma asked himself as he paced about the bathroom in fear of what his eyes had just seen.

He was brought back to reality when his doorbell rang
“Who must that be??” Uma asked himself rather shocked that someone was at his door post at that particular moment. He quickly walked back to his bedroom to get his clothes which were on his bed, he reached for his clothes on his bed when he immediately saw a knife that was stained with blood, he nearly ran out of his bedroom but he held his composure, and now more than anything he wished he remembered the details of the night before.

His doorbell rang again and Uma hurriedly put on his clothes, went out of his bedroom and when he climbed down the stairs that leads to his parlour. He tried to assure himself that everything is alright and that it was all a dream but every step he took downstairs made it more clear that it was real and that a dead body was in his bathroom.

Uma got to the door and quickly buttoned up his shirt, he pressed a device close to the door and the door opened, he was greeted by two policemen men who stood at his door post with their hands in their pockets.

“Good morning Sir” said one of the policemen
“Good morning, what can i do for you this early morning” Uma asked with a stammering voice, trying hard to stop the quivering that was building up on his inside
“Sorry to disturb you sir but your neighbour; Mr Jones called us that he heard a scream in your apartment, so we came to check if everything is alright” the other policeman replied
“Oh! Everything is fine sir, you know all these oyinbo they’re not used to our noise down here” Uma said followed by a pretentious smile
“Okay sir, please give us a call if anything goes wrong” one of the policeman said as he shook hands with him and left

Uma quickly jammed the door in haste and for some minutes he felt he was going to run mad. He turned with his back to the door and he slowly slid down till his butt hit the floor
“What happened?, what is Joy’s dead body doing in my bathroom?”
These were the question that ran through his mind but one question really struck him was “Who killed Joy?” he bent his head till it rested between his leg and tears started rolling down his face.

11 thoughts on “Tales Of Uma” by Paul Word (@PaulWord)

  1. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Okay…. who did kill joy?

    Too much usage of his name… was reading like this too often. “Uma this, Uma that. Uma opened the door. Uma said….”

    Anyway sha I get it..

  2. paulword (@PaulWord)

    Thanks for reading dear.. this my first post here, a little encouragement won’t dent your name

    1. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

      Oh you made me frown while reading this. I’m sorry, a mistake on my part for not catching up on the fact that you were new here….

      So let’s call a truce. Post something else soon, I will read it drop a comment, and then we can start all over…

      Welcome to NaijaStories… hope am forgiven?

      P.S you should read my first post on NS and you would know you’ve not started off as an average writer. That’s why I made those comments… thought you were already in the game.

      Anyway sha good to have you here.

  3. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)
  4. wow! i wanted to second @ufuomaotebele but then @paulword seeing that re new, i can only say kudos on your first attempt. welcome to the writers world where all flaws are shapen to become flawless. i hope u get better

  5. Abraham (@Abra4real)

    I like your gut bro. I hope to post something too sooner, but oops! My device has a character limit, *sobs.*

    But I bet, my first post won’t be like this.

  6. Yeeeee who killed joy, OK that’s a typical Nigerian response. Back to the main thing.
    Like @ufuomaotebele has said the use of his name was too much, all the same very nice story for a start, you should check out some first post, ( e.g mine, covering face) Omo see typos and errors.
    Nice structure and spacing, one thing though the title is direct a little bit of suspense to make us eager would be nice.
    @innoalifa has eagle eyes for typos and anything that can go wrong, his comment and will help.
    To write series that captivate the readers check out @olajumoke and @ufuomaotebele‘s works, they’re pros.

  7. I’d say simply keep writing, you will surely get better as the days go by….

  8. paulword (@PaulWord)

    @ufuomaotebele you’re forgiven, thanks for reading once more.. .
    @sarah thanks I’ll only get better.. Thanks for dropping by
    @ameenaedrees thanks for the advice, promise to heed to it.. . Thanks
    @innoalifa I’ll keep the pen bleeding.. Thanks

    1. Hoping to read yur other works…

  9. Kosnie (@Kosnie)

    Omg!!! Who killed Joy??? Suspense filled.

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