On the Streets of Lagos

It as never been easy, even for the generation before mine, i dont know about the next generation, but i know it won’t be easy.

Every morning when i wake up, the hustle wakes up with me, it gives me no time to say my morning prayer, no time to brush my teeth, on time to take my bathe.

I go out into the streets of lagos, half prepared for whats to come, jumping at any opportunity that comes my way.

The jobs are limited and the pays are low, to make it they say, you have to work hard, for the past eighteen years have been on these streets they have become part of me, and me part of them. And still i haven’t become great.

2 thoughts on “On the Streets of Lagos” by Oyeniji Sadeeq (@Bookfreez)

  1. anak adrian (@anakadrian)

    Laughing ‘cos I can’t cry… Chai.

    God bless your hustle bro.

  2. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    I feel the pain, short but to the point. E reach to cry. Hustle Hustle Hustle and wake up to the same result everyday. God will provide. We cant give up

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