The seven seas

The Seven Seas: Chapter Seven

“So…..will they tell us about the prophecy?” Adetutu said as they got down from their rides, when no one answered she continued, “they can’t send us to go grab–”

“Who are you” a voice boomed from the cabin in front of them, “show your identity”

They all brought out there necklace and showed it to an unseen figure, which got them really scared, the twins were holding hands ready for what ever is behind that door.
The door openned, when no one came out they took it as a sign to proceed even if they are still scared, they where about to leave their Cheetah-lions out when the voice said. “Bring them in, they will be taking care of”.

When they got into the cabin, they all lost the will to talk. “This is the gaurds quarter”, a voice said from behind them, and a dwarf stepped out of the shadow, he was dressed in all white, just like the personal gaurds of Olamuyiwa.
His long dress was cut at the two sides to show a white trousers under them.
The gaurd quarter, they all wonder if the gaurd quarters looked like this, with its vast space, tall and shinning buildings, gadens, and seven fountains in the middle forming a cirle. How will their place be.

As if reading their minds the dwarf said, “we get that look all the time, and wait till you see where the gods stay you will forget why your here.” he led them through a white door to the left of the main door where they came in.

After there three days journey up the mountain, a little amusement should get there young minds away from the danger ahead. They tried hard not to be suprised by what they see, but no matter how hard they try they just can’t do it.
Gardens where everywhere, banners of the seven fountain, was in every home, every street, and every building. The dwarf said it represents the seven god’s, and the seven seas, and the white colour represens peace.

“They are demi gods just like you” the dwarf said, when he saw Abayomi looking at a group of people. “If you also prove yourselv’s, you will be invited to live in the black mountain”

When they got to the end of the third street they stopped infront of a building.

“Thank you ladi, i will take it from here” a female said as she made her way down the stairs. She stopped in front of them, towering over them. “Yes,ma’am” the dwarf said and he left, when she turned to them Abayomi immediately recognised her.
And she did something that surprised him, she hugged him, his face redend, and Adetutu became jealous. She pulled away, when she say his embarasment, she smiled. “My dear you don’t know how much have been wanting to see you”, Abayomi knew they had an on finished business, but the others don’t and they felt left out and jealous, when Abayomi saw this he said. “I want you all to meet Zara, the goddess of dreams” Zara made a funny face to say that’s me, Adetutu coughed bringing everyones attention to her.

“If you are through with your lovers reunion, can we go?”, she said, they all looked at Zara who only smiled, she isn’t just nick named the most beautiful
goddess for nothing, she has become use to other women jealousy towards her.

“If you would follow me”, she gestured for them to follow her up the stairs, they went through a side door into a large room, in the centre were seven chairs, made of gold, and chairs placed around them. They went through the openning in the chairs, and everyone became silent clearly they had been talking about them, that only made them scared.

“Thank you Zara” one of the gods sitted in the centre said, but it sounded like the whole world spoke through him. “We have been waiting for you” another said, the voice sounded like that of a female, but it seems like their faces are changing, so no one knew who said that. “They should rest” another said.

Abayomi said immediately, “we don’t have time to rest”, the whole cabinet gasped, for an instant the seven gods stopped glowing.

“I told you we should have killed him” one of the cabinet members shouted.
“Then the death of his brother is sensless”, agreement statements and nods went round the cabinet.

One of the gods stood up from his chair and the cabinet went still, he walked up to Abayomi, as he came towards him he changed from an old man, to a youn one, to a woman, Abayomi could hear his heart beat over of the stillness.

“Brother” , the god said, and he stopped glowing, Abayomi’s brother stood right in front of him, surprise and shock made his knee treating to give way, he tried to talk, but what left him was a silent sob.

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