On his return

On his return

He stood so tall amongst the rest, almost perfect;
his eyes running about like some ball in their sockets
He seem to be paying attention; but not quiet,
for I knew what he seeked, me; his precious jewel
Or so he thought,for two nights before; he proposed
I had said yes; oh! I am not sure what I said
but in his heart he believed I was his; for keeps.

So there he stood, searching me out amongst the crowd.
we had all come for the same reason, with tears
In our eyes as if we all meant it, wholeheartedly.
Well I sure did for I knew that the sacrifice
which he intends to indulgde in was for all of us
And the price was his choice; his decision, his life
like others I grieved and mourned him; alive.

With no special fanfare I had bid him goodbye
without any regards for I knew he stood no chance.
‘I will wait for you,’ I had said without meaning it
I joined the crowd who saw the troup to the city gate
I cried more when he hugged me for the last time
then I wished him luck as he got on the black truck.

Maybe I lost hope on him rather too soon but I waited.
‘How many months was it?’ Ten months,I guess.
I got engaged when the most shattering tidings came,
the troups couldn’t make it, they were ambused
I mourned for losing him but not much for i’ve done it before,when he stood in all his beauty on his last day,
so I married his best friend, my highschool crush

Today, with all my attention to the movie playing
on my 32 coloured plasma tv, I rubbed my big tommy
Then he walked in on the first knock to my chagrin
‘You’re dead! I screamed. ‘No I live,’ he replied
‘I was attacked, I survived. I’ve been in coma since.
I wanted to hug him but restrained myself in time,
I am married to another now and have no apologies.

I guess he picked up real quick and withdraw a little
‘You look fatter,’ he said. ‘I heard you got married,
you couldn’t I get that. Well, you’re still ever sweet,
Who is the lucky guy?’ he asked. I admired him then
but not for long for then the door opened just in time
It was the answer which broke the carmel’s back.
‘Oh! its you, I should have guessed. I must’ve ignored
the signs ealier as open and naked as it sat.
You broke my heart, Keena. We could have been happy.
Married and perfect. I wish you both the best,’ he said
He didn’t move, ‘Your thought kept me alive,’ he said
and was gone like the wind leaving me mute and still.

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