My Princess

My Princess

I marveled at the witty device of the designer of the universe, looking steadily on IJEOMA’S curvilinear body accentuated by the deep cut, body fitting nigerian jersey and a black skirt,i wondered why such a girl will fall in the category of the born on friday instead of sunday,Maybe she was made after God finished his siesta on friday,no wonder,she was an epitome of beauty… In the epoch,i became her bestie which gave me access to all her dirty secrets,i loved chating,she developed interest,i love posting and she made reading liking and commenting on my posts a priority,what a sense of humour,have the thought about her running through my mind like mad and we shared our best moments together in mirth,we continued till she started loosing interest,she complained about my inability to love her the way she wants,it was a misapprehension to me because i know she is all i have as a friend,but this continued till both of us parted not knowing she still have me in mind,she is soigné,one of the qualities that made it uneasy for me to let go….. I stopped sending her the usual love messages and she became worried and started the campaigne ‘i want my friend back’ as if am being held captive by boko haram.. She continued her plight till she found solace from Success who i could’nt stand to see him standing for a girl i have always wanted to be with,but we aint quarrelling i replied success the agent sent to settle dispute between two loverbirds,its just that she dnt understand me nor care to understand…..among­st all the girls in Item,she is my solitaire… It marveled me when she asked in a sotto voice ‘will you be my boyfriend’ i thought she was somnolent and i started asking her questions which she answered to prove that she is sound and awake,i tried all my effort to make her run away even telling her that i don’t have money but she insisted that her mind is beating fast 4 me,am not suprised at her actions cos so many girls have done same,therefore,i thought she was real and followed her sheepishly not knowing her next line of action untill it dawned on me when she sent me a msg that reads….How i wish u are the one i fell in love with….. I already knew who she was and i knew where she was heading to,sorry i know her secrets but cant say it here. She loved me but dnt have any mutual attachment to it,it was perfect love,the one that made God send Jesus for me and u,but alas am having feelings about her,all my thoughts,day dream and night dream was her,i want to break lose but i needed her to help me do that,On that wednesday evening @ 6.45pm,am already chating with her,but when answeres are hardly found to my questions,i stood to face her,she was adorned in beauty as she was wearing a red tabard and a black skirt,i never wanted to do it but i have no option.i kissed her,she did not reply the kiss nor did she stopped.she was’nt happy yet was’nt sad…..though i stopped when i saw she wasnt interested in that…. She stopped talking to me all through the night and announced officially that she is quiting the love affair but why must she do that when she led me to this…….what is hurting than a broken love,more interesting than a four hour dialogue and mush confusing than the kiss from her,oh yes,did i even told u she later kissed me willfully at my wish and we are now the best of friends..

5 thoughts on “My Princess” by Emmanuel (@Emmaco1991)

  1. Pls bear with me,am still a newbie in writing,i wil improve when writing my next story

  2. anak adrian (@anakadrian)

    It was just the spacing really… Spacing and your punctuation. I guess you typed this from a phone?

  3. Yes brother,it was from a phone,do u wish to give me a pc

    1. anak adrian (@anakadrian)

      Not really, no. I merely made that observation because that’s how my first article on this site came out: tightly packed and lacking in paragraphs.

  4. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    I feel your character in this since you say you are just starting then no problem I will look forward to your future work but I suggest you work on your grammar aND tenses

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