Love Gone Wrong

I watched as she cried
the shivering of her shoulders
the quiver of her words
bad demeanor
depressive moods
the cold shrug
the angry rejection
the silent treatment
the absent presence.

The songs she swayed to
were clear enough
the smiles she bear
the moments of laughter
scene of pleasure
involved you;
when you indulged.
when you ignored.

They ripped at my core
tore my soul
i will do more;love more
with every effort
you ruled from a distance
your silence had volume
i felt it like it was my fault
your words was Christmas
i saw it like blinding lights.

I blamed one baba
using my picture as hand fan
sometimes myself
i should…i shouldn’t…blah blah
i blamed the unseen deity
days turned to months;months to years
all these years you ruled
when you ignored, she came in handy
hilarious right?

Prayer on my lips
pain in my heart
anger in my strides
who do you think you are
who does she think she is
yet looking upon her
love stirred; in my heart and my loins
its been ages since…
oh the anger.

I looked on as she cried
all those years, nothing changed
just me!
i looked on with pity
held ransomed by a love that cant be claimed
held bonded by manipulators of feelings
with eyes as large as the world
she couldn’t see who loved her most, didn’t know who to love
with so much pity, i retrieve the power i gave you, her.

3 thoughts on “Love Gone Wrong” by rosy (@Rosey)

  1. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Oh wow! @rosy your style of poetry is quite something. Its so pure and lively. I enjoyed every bit of this. Every stanza was my favorite.

    Good good!

  2. anak adrian (@anakadrian)

    Poor guy. Left with little much else of a choice he empties his heart out to his lady’s new paramour

    @rosey has a nice style; Matter-of-fact. Plain sounding words but with deep feeling. Not flowery in the least.

  3. rosy (@Rosey)

    thanks guys

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