Life – Where Is Your End?

Life – Where Is Your End?

Life where is your end

Your journey is precarious

Sometime we think

Someone is needless in our life

Sometime the someone we think

Is needful in our life

Sometime think

We are needless in some one life

Out of pain then we think

Needful in our life

Is someone we sometime think

Was needless in our life

Whom shall we blame?

Oh life!

Is this your end?

                                                   Heritage Poem by Solomon A (2012)

2 thoughts on “Life – Where Is Your End?” by Solomon A (Nigerian Author) (@Ukoeng)

  1. I love the think think
    and the life life
    it’s kind of a rhyming pattern….

  2. Solomon A(Nigerian Author) (@Ukoeng)

    such is life it is precarious in nature

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