Letter To My Princess


If love is like a red wine inside a gaint bottle, tell me how many cup will you take?
If that thing called love is bake into a big slice bread, tell me dear how many loaf will you eat?
If love attacks like headache, let me know how many tablet of paracetamol you will swallow.
Tell me baby how hungry you are of my affection, let me know how thirsty you are of my lips, so i can quench the fire of desire burning slowly within your soul.
I know nothing can fill the vacuum created by my absence in your heart but allow me to say a few words to alleviate your pain.
Darling have you ever tasted a soup without salt? That is what i am without your love.
My love, as Jesus Christ holds the only key to the kingdom of God, so do you hold the only password to my heart.
As it is impossible to download whats app on Nokia 3310, so it is impossible for another love to take abode in my heart.
Dear, if you can calculate how many revolution a bicycle tyre would make to travel from lagos to port harcourt, then you will know how much i miss you.

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe

11 thoughts on “Letter To My Princess” by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe (@Niyopumping)

  1. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    romancing!! see some shap shap lines that could cut through the heart… like hot knief through butter, I melted…
    @ameenaedrees we need this in our lives… lol
    @ivie9ja something to make you laugh oo lets sway away from our usual serious readings…

    1. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

      @anakadrian Ehn the bros that dont like romance, check this one out… you could use some of these lines in your next outing..

      1. anak adrian (@anakadrian)

        Ha ha ha haaa… ROFL

        @ufuomaotebele Yes ma… *rushes to get notepad and pencil*
        okay… Panadol?, Whatsapp? Got it. If this girl no gree eh, @niyopumping me and you go enter the same trouser.

  2. @NIYOPUMPING Sweet, maybe too sweet but nice piece.

  3. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    @danjuma true sweet like syrup. See toasting lol, you would think hes chasing after her viginity. But I like this its very romantic @Ufuomaotebele ah you say it as if I only tag you in serious stories lol I dont want you to miss the good stuff lol

    1. anak adrian (@anakadrian)

      As if he’s chasing after her virginity… Kai! @Ivie9ja you wicked oh… Lol.

      Give the guy some benefit of the doubt.

      *whispering* although, really we both know it might be true sha

      *Aloud* Ehn? Did I say anything?

  4. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    Haha @anakadrian as long as you know. Hes trying to give her diabetes with such sweet words lol ok I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt I’m sure he loves her dearly ;-D

  5. Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe (@Niyopumping)

    Thanks guys.

    @anakadrain: If she no gree, don’t worry i still have a few love incantations left.
    @Ivie9ja: I already have her under my spell, the above incantation is just to improve the potency of my spell. And the ‘V’ part, it was a gift i will always remember.

  6. Hmmm see sweet talk, honestly@ufuomaotebele, I don’t really read poetry, thanks for calling me here.
    You’re one romantic dude.

  7. Michael (@Ordeezy)

    Lol…….. I love this

  8. kemisery (@Kemostica)

    Strong and romantic lines. Me likey.

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