Keep Your Mouth Shut (2/2)

The unsuspecting driver let him overtake at the turn and just as is expected of a sane driver to pick up speed after the bend, the driver stepped on the accelerator expecting the driver of the Camry to do the same.
There was a crash. Nick was propelled forward; his head was cushioned by the front leather seat. The driver of the Camry had stopped abruptly and the shuttle had crashed into it. Nick was alert. For the first time, he looked around at where they were. The driver had turned into a route that was scarcely used and was hoping to have a clear road to speed on.
The shuttle driver yelled at Camry driver for his foolishness and before Nick could sound a warning the man had jumped out of his car to see his damaged bumper and hurl more insults at the stupid driver. There was a gunshot and a bullet had dug its way into the driver’s chest, he fell with a thud. There was silence mixed with the darkness, even crickets knew to keep perfectly still.
As still as Nick was until he saw five men get out of the car. He dived and pushed down the master lock and all the doors shot. He knew locking the doors won’t help because they had a gun. He pulled out his phone. The men dressed completely in black clothes didn’t give him time to think of any resourceful person to call, they smashed the windows and sent shards of glass flying to his face, he slouched on the seat and faced the broken window, a gloved hand poked in to unlock the door and he kicked it, it retreated. Another smash and the window behind him showered pieces of glass on him. Another smash and the first window opens, then another and both windows are glassless and hands poke in to unlock the door.
Four hands come through the door. They grab his leg and pull him out by his ankle. So quickly that his head hits the tarred road and he bruises his elbow. They drag him further away from the car. While he struggles to keep his face away from the ground, he sees the shuttle driver sprawled on the floor and the thick blood around him.
They drop him and walk a few steps away, he scrambles to his feet and tries to make away. A gunshot, Nick falls to the ground screaming. Whoever had the gun really knew how to aim even in the dark; he had shot Nick in the knee. A searing pain, there was a ripple through Nick’s bones, points on his leg felt like they were punctured with needles. He has never been shot before and never planned to be, he hoped his death would be painless and quick that he would not have time to regret or think about anything.
‘Nick, nick, nick’ A young man walks to him and crouches, he has a chin to chin smile like he was here to celebrate yet Nick is much terrified to think about his pain.
‘You people are monsters’ Nick manages to say
‘But we’ve not done anything wrong, have we guys?’ he asks throwing his hands in the air still smiling.
The others who had formed a semicircle around them chorus “NO”
‘We’ve not’ he pauses ‘but you have’ his smile fades completely and he looks sinister.
He rises. ‘Where are the pictures?’
‘I’ve already given them to the editor, he will publish all your names and all your faces and they’d get to every one of you’ Nick says defiantly
Despite the revelation they all still remain undisturbed then the man squats again.
‘You know why I liked you, Nick?’ he waits for an answer but when he hears none, he continues in almost a whisper ‘You were never afraid’. He stands and says louder ‘but that was your mistake, some people are meant to be feared’
The man produces a gun and stares at Nick for few intense moments. A gunshot.
‘Where is the editor?’ he asks facing no one.
‘Blaze has got him, he’s taking him to the hideout’ someone replies.
‘Good, let’s go’
They all get into the Camry and ride off into the night. The light of the moon was blood red in its reflection in the pool of blood. Nicks blood was fresh, oozing out of his skull and his knee cap. The school would find two dead bodies by morning.

By Kay Ugwuzor
Twitter @poetic_freak

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