Keep Your Mouth Shut (1/2)

Nick emerged from the media building, clutching his bag to his side and descending the stairs in quick careful steps. From the top of the stairs, Nick could see the heads of hundreds of students walking to and fro like ants on a table previously smeared with sugar, some walked casually and some hurried, carelessly overtaking others and nudging shoulders. It was evening but still it seemed everyone had somewhere urgent to be, Nick had to urgently get to somewhere safe.
Nick descended and was soon caught up in the flood of people. He was among the casual people as he walked with caution and scanned the faces around him, surely he was being watched and he knew why. He expected them to come after him, it was too soon but he expected it.
In the flood, his eyes only saw two colors; red and black. He saw the girl carrying a red handbag with a black strap, he saw the boy wearing a blood red Jordan, he saw the man who wore an oversized red shirt and brown trousers and walked with the gait of a crowned prince. He noticed the lady wearing a red beret and how her dark hair fluttered in the breeze like a horses’ tail. Not too long, he noticed the boy wearing a black jacket on a red t-shirt sitting under a shade. The boy’s gaze was fixed on him and Nick knew he was one of the gang. He started in the direction of the road and the boy started after him, they both walked casually hoping the one didn’t know the intention of the other. Nick got to the road faster than the boy could get to him; a campus shuttle came to a halt when he waved and he promptly hopped in and told the driver to head for the school gate. If they were going to get him, and he knew they were eventually, he would not make it easy for them. He would go to town; he would get to his uncle’s place which was guarded with high fences and a frequently locked gate. They wouldn’t find him easily, he assured himself.
Night was falling fast. The driver maintained an calm speed and whistled. Nick wanted to tell him to go faster but dismissed the thought that they would still be after him. He had seen the boy with the black jacket turn around after he had gotten into the taxi. Nick sighed in his new found peace and he shut his eyes to clear his head and enjoy the ride.
If Nick hadn’t shut his eyes he may have seen when the driver negotiated a bend and was overtaken by a black Toyota Camry going a tad faster.

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  1. Please let this be a series. I don’t want ot to end just yet. A few typos..
    The driver maintained a(n) calm speed and whistled.

    1. Oops. Thanks for reading Sir

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