Innoalifa (I am a warrior)

Innoalifa (I am a warrior)

I was the ash
They sprinkled into the dry  air
I was the smoke
That billow from the red chimney….
But I phoenix into a boundless bird.
I got burnt and metamorphose
Into the great  power
Fire dare not devour!
The Fire that pained
Pay me a beauty of a fine Gold.

I was wrestled by many coward warriors
But i fought on, and on
Till i won.

Innoalifa! (I am a warrior)

2 thoughts on “Innoalifa (I am a warrior)” by petersonspecies (@Petersonspecies)

  1. @innoalifa, love this, thanks for writing it. You made me feel like a warrior too.

  2. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    Strong poem nice work

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