Dark Fantasies 9

He’d been staring at his phone for over 30mins now contemplating whether or not to call Hajara, she said she had a boyfriend but he didn’t believe her. Indecisive looser with loads of cash, that’s what they call him behind his back.

No one would’ve said it to his face but she did, while stalking her, he learnt she was bold and outspoken, he liked that.

His ringing tone which Emily referred to as pathetic cut through his thoughts, the screen flashed Doc big mouth, that was his nickname for his friend and in-law Dr Musa, he picked up.

‘Hey likita kwana biyu.‘ He jabbed into the phone with a mocking smile on his face.

After exchanging greetings and a few talks he agreed to meet Dr Musa at a Palm wine joint.

‘You see all these yeye drinks no fit compete with Pami, its still my favorite.’ Dr Musa slurred , he was sprawled into the plastic chair as if he was in his living room, he closed his eyes as he relished his drink sip by sip.

‘Hahahaa, likitan mata, doctor of women, one and only doc, NTA.’ Faisal hailed.

‘Faisal you just fashi your brother in law koh, duniya kega.

‘No be so na work. aiki.’

‘Kai ,e reach my own, you’re acting as if you’re the one running your father’s businesses.

‘No ooo for where, I’m on my own and at least no Ebola out break to corrupt our filling systems.’

‘Its been long I saw you o!, I went to see my brother last week and saw your sister Sahiba her stomach is very big,  she said you’re still not married.’

‘Ain’t easy mutumi na, not easy to find a loyal hoe these days.’

‘That’s your problem Faisal, I am talking about wife and you’re thinking of farm tools.’

Faisal laughed he couldn’t believe that doc big mouth could not fathom what he just said.

‘So what’s been happening at your hospital?’

Dr Musa who was already half drunk got excited and started flowing.

‘We have 2 new doctors, one female and the other male, the lady holds and controls Dr Ismaila like a dog on a leash, Dr Ismaila buy MRI machine, he buys, Dr Ismaila hire my friend, he hires.’


‘Yes o and you remember that Ghanaian?

‘The pretty one?

‘Yes, they sacked her.’

‘What happened?

‘Apparently the new Dr stole her boyfriend and she broke her car, A Ferrari for that matter.’

‘Ya Allah!, she’s sick.’

‘And you, what’s happening with you, you’re getting old, do you want your kids to call you grandfather.’

‘Haba Musa, am still searching.’

‘At 34? , I heard Hajara said you’re too old hahahahahahaha.’

Faisal was sure that was the reason for the meeting so that Musa could confirm what Hajara actually said.


‘She’s 22 you know.

‘I’ve been thinking about it.’

‘Clean your act, get tips from me, you know I know how to do women, they don’t call me likitan mata for nothing.



Dr Musa’s advice plus he’s own obsession with her thoughts made him go to Hajara’s house.

‘You sounded down on the phone are you alright.’


‘You don’t sound good.’

‘My boyfriend and I broke up.’ She managed to say.

‘I’m sorry.’

‘Its okay.’

‘What went wrong?

‘Distance, he lives in south Africa.’

‘Ohhhh, life sucks a times. Let me take you out to cheer you up.’

‘That wont be necessary.’

‘Plssss, maybe just ice ream or something.


They went to Leat’s where they both took yorgurberries.

‘I thought you’ll ask for blue flavor.’ Faisal said jokingly.


‘Blue is your best color.’

‘How did you know.’

‘I’m a magician, your car is blue almost all your outfits are blue.’

A smile lit up her face.


He was driving her home when his pathetic ring tone intruded their conversation.

‘Let me answer for it for you, pray its not your girlfriend.’


‘I think we should go to Nasara.’


‘It was Dr Musa on the phone, Sahiba has had an accident and…..’

‘My God she’s due, her baby.’ He was shaking

‘Pull over let me drive.’

As soon as they were in the hospital he almost sprinted to the ER, there he bumped into Chioma who was surprised to see him.

‘Calm down Faisal what’re you doing here.’ She asked looking at him questioningly.

‘My sister is here.’

‘Ok, what’s her name?’, Dr Musa came in before he could answer.

‘Faisal thank God you’re early, Ahmed has a different blood group pls we’ll need yours.’

‘You two know each other? Chioma asked bewildered.

‘Yes my brother is married to his sister.’ Dr Musa offered.

‘Ooh ok the lady in the ER.’


‘Ok Charity please direct him to the lab.’

‘No.’ Faisal shrieked.

‘It’s an emergency but we’ll have to screen you its routine.’

‘No my blood is bad.’

‘How can you say that.’ Hajara who had been standing silently asked.

‘I I I do, I mean I take drugs sometimes.’

‘What!!!! All of them chorused.

‘What type is her blood. Chioma asked.

‘Very rare B minus.’ Dr Musa offered.

‘I am too, I’ll get to the lab.’ Chioma said and left.

Later when everything was under control, Hajara excused herself and Faisal ran after her.

‘Mtcheww why won’t he do drugs when he’s living with 20 women.’ Dr Musa told Chioma when she returned from the lab.


‘He lives with women, 20 of them, they feed him and do everything for him can you imagine?

‘He lives with me and Emily and Goke.’ Chioma said, she could not believe her ears.

‘Ehhh, I’ve always told Faisal get your act together, cos you’re living with very nice people but yet he does drugs, see how he just embarrased us here.’ Dr Musa added tactfully.

Chioma was gaping at how smartly Dr Musa turned things around to his favour.


Faisal caught up with her at the parking area,

‘Plss listen to me.’

‘What? That all this while you’re chasing me you’re an addict.’

‘An addict? You don’t know……

‘Yes that’s what you’re, an indecisive drug sniffing looser.’

‘I agree but at least listen to my explanation for doing it.’

‘Ok there is an explanation, lets hear it.’ She said mockingly.

‘I started using them because I started seeing Adayi everywhere, she only leaves when am high.’

‘So your ex girlfriend dumps you and you turn to drugs!!!

‘No she died.’

‘Oh, I didn’t know but even at that you could have dealt with your grief somehow not drugs.’

‘It was me that KILLED her.’

The air around her became still and darkness enveloped her.


20 thoughts on “Dark Fantasies 9” by Amina Idris (@ameenaedrees)

  1. kingdavid (@kevweodogun)

    hehehe the wind and the fowl nyash, faisal has been exposed, lol Dr Musa is still a loud mouth, you can imagine so Chioma and Emily didnt know who Faisal’s inlaw was even though they live with him? why do they even live together? roomate abi wetin? @ameenaedrees all these questions.

    1. Wind and fowl yash :-) :-) :-)
      Them be roommates actually, tnx for dropping by @kevweodogun aka Dr Musa aka My guy.

  2. Rekiya Adeshina (@Raykeeyah)

    waiyo! so this doctor sef na killer. Enjoying the story more now, waiting to see more darkness revealed, well done.

    1. Faisal no be doctor, he dey do business.
      Tanks for reading @raykeeyah.

  3. Omena (@menoveg)

    And now that the truth is out, what next?

    1. Thanks for reading @menoveg, let’s see what happens next.

  4. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Omg omg omg!!!! Amina!!!! There’s no stopping you now.
    You see how everything flowed and collided… that’s d beauty of it.
    Now I feel am reading one story not multiple. The characters have finally found their rightful place.

    I just love your progress and you honestly listened. This was one good pot of vegetable soup!

    Now let’s see what hajara does and I honestly love the romance between her and fasial due to the age gap.

    I’m waiting for more…

    1. @ufuomaotebele this your comment sweet like sugar, thanks a lot.
      I listened o, the fly that does not hear word follows the corpse to the grave. Lol, African proverb.
      Wonder where @innoalifa has disappeared to.
      And @kosnie and @lone too.

  5. rosy (@Rosey)

    always glued to this story. hehehe. truly like the phrase ‘wind and fowl yash’. lol

    1. Me tooo @rosey, @kevweodogun made me laugh too with the wind and foul hash.:-) :-) :-) :-)
      Thanks alot for reading.

  6. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    heheehehe! it’s becoming more interesting #lifedrama. na real big mouth @likitan mata. @ameenaedrees I feel there should be a glossary at the end of each episode for those non-English words and sentences (i’m learning Hausa) lol!

    1. @shovey its good you’re learning Hausa o! :-) :-) :-) :-)
      Am glad you’re finding it interesting, you must have missed part 8, here is the link http://shar.es/13aOBk
      Thanks for reading dear, :-) :-) :-)

  7. Hey dear, I’ve missed this really but it’s kinda interesting. I have to stay put to enjoy the vegetable soup @ufuomaotebele has been fattening fro oooo….

  8. @innoalifa tnx for reading, plss do stay for the vegetable soup.
    I promise it won’t be ogili soup that will make our breath stink.

  9. I have goose pimples all over my body now… He killed his ex?

    1. @uzywhyte where have you been, I still haven’t mended my mirror, waiting patiently for you please.
      Thanks for reading. :-) :-) :-)
      That’s his confession o.

      1. Sorry dear, was working on something. Now that I’m almost done, will complete the series.
        Thanks for your concern.

  10. Hmmmm, the hottest point! Everything is making more sense now but I do not think he killed his ex as per intentionally killing her huh? @ameenaedrees

    1. I think so too, thanks for reading @paracletob.

  11. Shocking! . Faisal!

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