A Change

What do I write when there is no inspiration?
Empty on the inside, can’t think of something
Nothing special seems to be happening
So used to normality, boredom encroaches
Purposeless, always on the move by the wave of the wind
No bearing and soon am at a worse state of regret.

Wishing I had dared to dream, big dreams
That I had dared to desire something great
Potentials remain at its resting stage
Action geared towards building castles in the air
And a wandering state of mind.

Should anyone be blamed for my circumstances?
That I keep wallowing in shame and self-pity
Defeat hanging on my neck, Divine where art thou?
I don’t know for how long this has been,
But deep on the inside I wanted a change.

I have choices to make that I now know
There is a lot to write, something special is happening
This normality is a moment to cherish
I found purpose, on the move and focused.

Yes! I dared to dream, a bigggggg dream
Desiring something great, potentials unleashed
Action geared towards hard work and positivity
No one is to be blamed for my circumstances
I choose to be happy, lively and inspired.

No more shame, am done with self-pity
With so much confidence, victory at last
The change that I wanted, Divine at work
Change is the only constant thing in life!

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