Adventures To Love: Finale

“Yes my dear. When you will not come visit your mother, how will you know the people that I know?”

“When? How?”

“Remember that weekend you were suppose to come visit, but I did not see you?”

I stared at her clueless. She continued, “Ehn, my friend Mrs Thomas came back from the states with her son, the doctor. Their family came to our house to greet us.”

“Anyways ma, we will be going now mum.” I said, trying not to waste time because if my mom starts talking,  we might as well just cancel all plans for the night.

“Bode, we can go now.”

“Okay, it was a pleasure seeing you once again ma.”

“Same here my son, say hi to your mother for me. “

“O da bo ma, see you in the morning.” Knowing my mom, she would be knocked out on my bed before I get back.

“Take your time my dear” she whispered in my ear before winking and closing the door. Oh my my mother was selling me out. I can’t believe what I heard. I laughed so hard my eyes were filled with tears.

As I reached for Bode’s car front door, he came from behind me.

“I got it.” he said.  He opened the door. I had a good feeling about our date from there on.  As he drove, I would catch him stealing glance at me.

“You could park and take a picture of me instead of being sneaky.” I said, giving him my best innocent smile.

“Oh now you want to be cute abi? That’s not a bad idea though. But I like my woman in person not on a device”

“Hmmmm” I had to cough to gather myself together again. Mr Bode had a smart mouth on him.

“I can’t believe it though.” He glanced at me again. ” Little Sewa of those days, you have grown.”

“Little Sewa ke? You were little too,  always dragging me around with you every time you came over to our family house.”

“This world is small. ” he said as we parked outside the restaurant.
“We have got major catching up to do”

Laughing at him “Yes sir”

He opened the door and we walked in. He had made reservations so we were led to our table right away. After settling down, the waiter got our orders as we chatted away.

“You have really changed,  and I’m glad I got to see you again.” He said, looking straight into my eyes with a seriousness in his voice that made me uncomfortable.

“I have a confession to make.” I blurted out.

“That makes two of us.”

I was shocked and scared all at once. I guess he noticed and volunteered to go first

“When we were little, I had a huge crush on you and I made sure my mom kept in contact with your family till now.”

“Woah, really?” I said with my eyes wide open.

“But I had no idea you were right under my nose. I’m so glad it turned out like this,” a short pause, then he grabbed my hands. ” because,” he shifted forward.  “because I have fallen in love with you. “

I could not believe my ears. Here I was about to pour my heart out and give it to him on a sliver plate but he beat me to it.

I was still speechless as he held my hands even tighter, looking into my eyes,
“Sewa I love you.” He said.

Was I dreaming? I jolted back to reality.

“I love you too” I said so loud, the waiter by the door turned towards us.

He got up from his chair and kissed me in that instant. After he pulled back, my eyes were still closed.

“Sewa you can open your eyes now,” he said.

“Oh…” he chuckled. “You took me by surprise Bode. I… I… I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything? You really don’t ha—“

“I love you, I know I do Bode. From when I woke up at your apartment to the day you came to the hospital, I’ve—” His smile made me stop. I was pouring my heart to him and he just kept smiling.

“Bode say something na. You’re making me uncomfortable.” I said shyly.

“Stick with me babe, one step at a time. Can you do that for me?” Under a candle light he asked.

I nodded a million times. Everything I had been hoping for was there with me.  A man, not just any man but a man like Bode. God must have had me as number 1 on his list, I concluded.

The night continued. We ate, laughed, smiled and everything was too close to perfect but I knew with Bode, I could be imperfect and he would still want me. The way he looked at me, yeah, I knew this was it.


Thanks to every patient reader who joined me in my first ever series. I hope you enjoyed!!

7 thoughts on “Adventures To Love: Finale” by Dolapo (@OmoD)

  1. It was great, I loved it.
    Though straight to the point I still enjoyed it.

    1. @ameenaedrees Thank you so much for reading!! I’ll try a little more suspense next time ;)

  2. Yey! I love happy ending, this is really adventure to love, well done @OmoD

    1. @raykeeyah Thanks dear, i’m grateful. :)

  3. I followed this series from the beginning well done, very good for your first try. thanx for the story, cant wait to read your next work

    1. @ivie9ja Thank you so much for reading and for been a faithful reader, you rock :) I can’t wait for you to read my next work!!

  4. Well done dear, really enjoyed ds ride from de first day n so sad to see it end…so happy for Sewa n Bode

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