The ocean tha runs without friction
Shall never play that game of endless fiction
With her simple smile she kills ten minds
My liege, her heart,
travels endlessly
seeking on pure miles

Will I dare invoke her with my lines?
While her tenderness,
a melee that ravaged my soul and make me glide
She chastised me with her beauty,
but run, yet,
I would not
Such ingenious thoughts,
becons, but why are you so hot?

What foul concortion
capable of taming my being so?
What reggal show
makes a man loose that which makes him man
Makes him dance
to the tunes of shadowless words
I’m no Bacchus to say,
am under the hypnosis of wine

Come to think of it,
..why do I put pen to book?
Why this cacophony
of weary letters dancing on white?
I can charge the bits of adonis
and flee from my venus
No..why that?
..Adonis is a hard head whimp in Rome

If I be Romeo will I win my juliet?
No..love is not love,
that consumates herself
In the land beyound the skies
I will continue to push the wheel of this rotten verse
Nooo, rots are for the garbage,
Lines are to praise

But love heals
if she comes in reciprocal
If this be not so, then I never writ.


Will my crying lines ever heal this wound?
Engraved on my soul.
Wondering pageant
Hoardes of verses
That mocks our love

The promises I made you
Wasted away in an eye twinkle
The haggared frame of our love
Now hung on the wall of regrets
Like a beauty pageant
That attracts soul of mortals
Beckoning on the world
To come see the shattered fragments
Of our sweet vows
Those we took
While the waters of our afection
Still bubbles

Oh !
When I remember those days
All those hours
When I’ll hold you in my arms
Minutes that ticks my heart’s delight
Then I’d look through the sun
With my eyes shielded away from hemming tears
Cos their price is not in the rising sun
Nor in d shiny glitters
That reverberates
Our window panes
On warm mornings
Even the taunting raindrops
that intrudes
On our love sessions
On cozy evenings
withholds not
What befits beholding

But all these inflaming rums
we took
While these now dull embers
shine and flare
The nightingale
That once carried the tales
Of our yet consumated passion
Now humms
Bending to no imploring voice
To orchestrate once again
The soothing symphony
That once form the ring
That cuddles us

But for the shadows of doubt
That once laid her bed
In the hidden recess of our hearts
I would have gone through timbuktu and back
And travel the world
Both far and wild
To grace that fair with diamond rings
Both the red lions of the kalahari
And the fluffy mambas of east Asia
Would have fed tirelessly
Their eyes in fairwell bid
To my dancing hypnosis
Through oceans and valleys

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