Sonnet I

Sonnet I

No matter what,
truth is the Mat
to stand, be foe.
Rock meet break toe
state corded in blood
oompah re-echo his mood
to rerun water cold
insight for all is dew
Truth to us, decree
go rock forte to do.
No matter what we do,
smoke on stage unseat
for tears fall on meat
And behind rock is neat.

2 thoughts on “Sonnet I” by Gabi (@Gabi)

  1. anak adrian (@anakadrian)

    Truth as a solid virtue…

    Rocks… Blood…

    Alright, I’m officially lost… @Gabi

    So what is this sonnet’s hidden meaning?

    1. Mr. Inetanbor (@Gabi)

      Felt this was going to be hard for me never new it will be for you too…! @anakadrian, it is just ranting how how the truth has to be said but in away that is appealing to both the erred and the correctionist.

      it talks about the truth has the baseline for nature enmity to rise when misplaced. and how the truth must always be said!!!…. Sonnet is for my Mother.

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