The seven seas

The Seven Seas: Chapter Six

For the past six days everything looked normal. Except for the rising tension among the campers, and the warriors coming in every minute, what they are going to face out there is still partially unknown. The only thing they know is that their enemies are big people, and very strong, and to their own advantage slow.

The only way to survive, Maktub had said in one of his classes, is: “to fight together as one”. Questions like what? and who? had been answered, leaving the most important one when?.

“so….you will be coming with me to the black mountain?”, Abayomi said, not making eye contact with Adetutu, he did’nt knw why he just asked the question, when he already knows the answer. The princess looked worn out, but when it comes to the person she care about the most, who doesn’t even knows she cared about him. She forgets all her pains.

” am in this with you, and wherever you go, i will go” and i might probably die for you she finished in her head,

“princess” a man said from behind them, they turn to find the leader of the westernes, Max standing there in his fancy pants and tight shirt, he tilt his cowboy hat as a sign of greeting to Abayomi, who looked away in disgust, he reached for her hand. “How was your day?”, he said, has he bent over her hand and kissed it eyeing her from under his hat, she blushed, Abayomi could not stand what he just saw, so he decided to leave, he still doesn’t know why he dislikes the guy so much.

He went looking for Maktub, but could not find him and decided to go and check on his new found friend Jax, or rather friends.
When he got to the stables Jax was tending to an animal. “so how is he doing today?” Abayomi asked has he stood beside Jax, when the animal saw him he jumped at him out of joy to see his master, who almost killed him.

“There, you’ve got your answer” Jax said as he washed dirt off his hand, “He recovered really fast, he will be ready when you leave by sunset.”

“Jax, be a good boy okay?” Abayomi tapped the head of the animal.

“I still don’t know why you named it after me?”

“Your…well, maybe because i like the name?”

Abayomi had named the beast, the Cheetah-lion he had subdued seven days ago on the cliff north of camp, Jax. Partly because he likes the name, and the other part he does not want to forget Jax.
The animal fell off the cliff yesterday during their evening riding lesson.

Abayomi turned to leave,
“Ok, i will be going now, maybe we might see again before you leave”, thats if i come back alive, he thought. The two Jax went back to there business.

“Where have you been?”, Adewale asked, as Abayomi stepped into the tent fingering his wooden necklace. Something that reminds him he is a member of the camp.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Adetutu, came looking for you”, a sigh left Abayomi, he thought something bad had happened, he turned to his luggage sitting on the bed, he was drawn back from his thought has Adewale continued. “Have you met our new companions?” not waiting for an answer, he continued leaving his bed to come sit by Abayomi. “You should have seen the girl, she has the eyes of a goddess, her smile–”

“Who are you talking about?”

“Oh, yes…ah” he stammered as if just coming out of comma. “The twins?” Abayomi still look confused, “They are in my archery class, a boy and a girl” he put more stress on the word girl, as if that’s her name. “My sister said we should be at the forest before sunset, there will be a meeting with the chiefs, and the generals….that’s your dad and mine”

“so lets get going, we don’t want to keep them waiting, or do you?” he stood up and lifted his luggage and left the tent with Adewale on his tail. Since three days ago, when his father had arrived with his warriors and personal guards, they have not had the chance to talk. “And you don’t want to keep your woman waiting?” he said over his shoulder, at Adewale.


The meeting started shortly after they arrived, giving Abayomi, little or no time to talk to his father.

“They should leave, right away”, one of the elders said,
“we are not in a haste” another countered. The others nodded in agreement. The first elder could not take been snubbed, so he pushed on. “Have you all forgotten what the prophecy said?!” the elders shifted uneasily in their seats.

Finally one of them spoke up. “it is not ours to tell.” she turned to the kids, her black eyes shreaked, gold ring forming around them has focus on them. “Do not forget our code” she rose and the others did the same, clearly she’s the head of the council.

Abayomi thought he already knew all he had to know about the Golden Eye. But it turns out there is more out there, and something tells him he and his companions will be in greater danger than they had been expecting.

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