Shine has it is known to be, does not really shines
With two edge arrow it has protrude as its luminosity
Giving and receiving is the primary calling of its true nature
What pain more can you emit to stand and not becoming of your very essence? Looking you made lost, thoughts you made a dream, dreams you made a world of fantasy

Imagination has become the only source of togetherness, a sense of belonging only in scene. Some run away in order to live, others stay knowing their fate is death, calling it boldness. Life has given us chances to see and feel you, but once can we every behold your true nature. What is wise? To run away awaiting another chance, or to die staying, hoping we get noticed? To the bravest of heart you’ve made cowards; to the strongest of hearts you conquered by just a sight

Now I see why the wick is strong! The cowards are brave to run, run to the arms of another chance. How do you move? Is a question King David had no knack of understanding! Life! What does it mean to you? Even you, a flea to life in your world is life, a world of infatuations. For you, I have been called a coward to and now will be called the wise, not as Romeo but as Peter. Forever I stand amazed to live, live with the lessons you teach and your name my disease!

2 thoughts on “Plague” by Gabi (@Gabi)

  1. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    An error on the first line. Some other tiny ones followed.

    This isn’t in poem format and so some of the lines read awkward

    Example – Looking you made lost, thoughts you made a dream, dreams you made a world…..

    Nice stuff over all

    1. Mr. Inetanbor (@Gabi)

      Definitely going to remodel this piece!!!……. Thanks @ufuomaotebele pleasure to have you visit!

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