Night Watch

Night Watch

By Kay Cee

They set out at midnight
An hour after 12pm
Their lantern shone a dim bright
They walked in silence, seven of them

Bare footed, head bowed
The owl has hooted to herald
What was and is seen to be
The passing procession of an astral family

An earthen calabash, a black cock
A heavy talisman to should bad luck
The earth us cold, the night is freezing
Deadly deeds done before the sun is risen

Sacrifices are made, names are spoken
Blood is spilled, covenant not to be broken
The procession returns to whence they came
And Otunba’s family shall never be the same

6 thoughts on “Night Watch” by kay (@Kay0496)

  1. Seriously trying to get in your head but i can’t.

    @Kay0496, Nice piece.

    1. @Gabi my head is a very complicated place o…you’ll get lost at an uncertain turn.

  2. Wow,… am lost in this but I do get whats going on… really gripping stuff

    1. @ufomaotebele thanks for the ‘wow’ and thanks for reading.

  3. Eeiyaa. These coven crawlers finally killed oga Otunba after some eerie voodoo ritual meeting.

    Words were apt, motion was quick, and there was suspence in every line. Very nice poem.

    I wonder if you meant “…to shield bad luck” in line 10

  4. I love the rhymes…

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