Never To Return

Never To Return

Okenwa lifted his head from the book spread on his laps and turned to the direction of the approaching feet whose sound broke his concentration. For the umpteenth time, he marveled at the craftsmanship of the designer of the universe, gazing upon Daberechi’s curvilinear body accentuated by the deep cut, body fitting mini-gown she was wearing. Dazed, he struggled to stand up in deference and managed to do so when she was already in front of him.
“Good afternoon”
“Good afternoon, finished reading?”
“Yes”, he replied and made to leave.
“C’mon, sit. The bench is long enough for us to share”
“I am sorry. I’ve been here for a while, I need to go look for food now”, he retorted, wishing there really was food at home for he was indeed hungry.
“And food will be what?”
“Noodles and fried eggs”, he replied after a brief pause.
“That’s no food, follow me let me give you good food, you will like it”, she said and started walking away. Okenwa temporarily forgot he was hungry and watched with awe as she ambles on, the sway of her hips exciting him. He recovered and hurried to fall into step with her as they walked into her apartment.

Daberechi walked straight into the kitchen as Okenwa sat down in the living room. She soon re-emerged with a tray of food and gingerly placed it on his laps, her eyes on his, smiling sweetly as she did so. The sight of her voluptuous melons struggling to fall out from the top of her gown assaulted his sensibility but he managed to hold her gaze, conscious not to embarrass himself. She straightened slowly, their eyes still locked, her sensual smile lingering on her face. “Eat”, she cooed.  I have to shower now”, and in one movement she was out of her gown. The lace bra she was putting on did a poor job of covering her luscious breasts. Her matching panties managed only to cover the slit of her mounds. Okenwa swallowed hard and struggled for breath as she turned and started walking away, drifting towards the direction of the bathroom with practiced steps, her well rounded buttocks dancing with each step. He sat transfixed, watching her until she disappeared into the bathroom.  His eyes fell to the tray on his laps and he took a long look at the unripe plantain porridge and smoked fish with liver before him, his mouth watering. The sounds of water splashing drifted into his ears from the direction of the bathroom and he smiled to himself before attacking the food with frenzied speed.

As he was about to shovel the last spoon of his meal into his mouth, the bathroom door opened and Daberechi stepped out. The only piece of clothing on her was her towel draped over her right shoulder barely covering her right breast. The spoon fell from his hand as his eyes travelled all over her enticing body, while she just stood, smiling invitingly at him. He could hardly breath and it was visible he was about to explode. He however held himself in check and stood up slowly, a coy smile playing on his lips. He looked her straight in the eyes and started moving. He walked across the room and on getting to the door, turned and thanked her for the food before unlocking and stepping out through the door.

As Okenwa walked away, looking down, both hands in his hips pockets, he knew he will never have to taste that great meal again. But what made him feel bad was that he will never spend any holiday with Chibuike, his bosom friend again as long as he continued to live here. He had come only yesterday to spend a week with him, but he must now leave tomorrow morning, never to return to that compound again for Chibuike was chief Odenigbo’s, Daberechi father – in – law’s tenant.

9 thoughts on “Never To Return” by EnigmatikPoet (@EnigmatikPoet)

  1. Kosnie (@Kosnie)

    Nice with a great storyline

    1. Thanks @Kosnie for reading.

  2. Ihunanya (@LONE)

    Yea @Kosnie. I agree with you and what a good sense Okenwa has. Hope he is not already in trouble for the step he took. A woman scorned…

    1. Thanks @LONE. Okenwa’s noble act and his decision to leave the area for good will definitely keep him away her her fury.

      1. U’re welcome…

  3. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    #Temptation. His return would mean doom so it’s better for him not to return again. short but interesting.

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