Naija Heels on Cobbled Streets 16

Sade’s tears gushed like rain droplets after a long drought, refusing to cease until Niyi put his arms around her.

“It was my fault those men did what they did to me.”

Even though the light was off, she knew he was avoiding her eyes. He held her head close to his chest.

“I was warned off by the son of the Portuguese client I worked for.” He started slowly, letting each word hang in the air as if those words were alien to him.

“I had decided to quit escorting but Mama wanted to finish building her house. She needed more money. Femi too. He wanted a new car. He said he needed it to drop you off for lectures. You were struggling with your health…”

“So, you went back because of us?” She wiped her face with the back of her hand.

“No. No babe. I went back because I’m greedy. I could have managed with the wages I was getting from the holiday resort but I wanted things to happen faster.” He pulled her closer to his side. “I also wanted to challenge the…bastard. I thought, I would teach the racist a lesson. I don’t back down easily. I couldn’t anyway. His mum, Anabela, a young charity director said she really needed me with her. I wish I’d cancelled and asked Kay to go instead. I called Manchester that day and you picked up. You didn’t like it when I told you I had to go out…”

His breathing became laboured. He let go of her and moved away from the bed, squatting next to the wall but not facing her.

“I was walking back to the resort after escorting Anabela to a black tie event the night a car pulled over beside me. Anabela’s son, Bento got out of the car and lunged at me. When the other men in the car got out, I thought they were going to help him because I’d managed to knock him to the floor. They dragged me into the car and put a laced cloth over my face. I couldn’t have fought them off even if I wasn’t drugged…”

He could smell it all now. The bleach on the cold floor of the shed they’d taken him to. Their scents, that lingered for years after. That one thing –amongst the others – that the many showers and scrubbings couldn’t wash away afterwards. The blood – mostly his – because he fought and received the worst beating of his life for it.

He saw it all too. The horror in the eyes of the farmer that found him the following morning. He wanted to die. Prayed for death when the doctor that treated him couldn’t look him in the eye. Prayed for death when they referred him to a clinic, he thought, solely catered to women and girls. He’d waited for all his results to come back fine before disappearing back to the holiday resort. The streets of Madeira haunted him after that night. The cosiness of his flat at the resort was just as punishing.

Although Kay and him had planned to go back to the UK the following summer, he had moved to Lisboa instead. How could he have faced his brother and his love again? Drink, painkillers and late night partying became his ticket out of the nightmares that plagued his sleep.

“I need a drink.” Niyi announced. His tone, urgent.

“Did you go to the police or tell anyone?” Sade found her voice.  It sounded different. Cold.

“I didn’t go the police.  They wouldn’t have believed me. Even my wife-to-be didn’t exactly think I didn’t ask for it.

“Jennifer? She knew?”

“She said I talked in my sleep. You know she spoke Portuguese and Spanish. I couldn’t deny it.” He picked at the fabric of his jeans. “She questioned my sexuality. How could they have attacked me if I didn’t seem queer? I tried to explain how it happened but she’d started using drugs again so…”

“She didn’t understand.”

“One evening, I came back from work to find my brother, Andrew and Kay waiting for me. She’d told them. She told them my dirty secret. Apparently, it was so they could help me.”


“I tried to deny it but I don’t think they believed me.” His voice lowered considerably. “I needed a drink to face going to work the following morning.”

Sade tried to think of something to say. Something to ease his pain.

“Then one afternoon, I came home early to find my best friend with my fiancée in my bed. She begged me to forgive her. I didn’t have a choice darling. She stopped seeing me as a man the day she found out about what those men did to me.”

“You should have left her when you found out she was using drugs again or the day you caught her with Kay. Niyi, she was carrying your child! Was the baby even yours?”

He got up from his spot and sat on the bed with his back turned to her. He recoiled when she touched his shoulder.

“Jennifer is dead because of me. Her blood is on my hands.”

Sade felt this strange tiredness descend on her. A weakness worse than the one that made her seek the softness of her bed.

“I told her to leave, baby.” He rubbed his face with his palms as if to ward of tiredness. “We had a row and I told her we were done. I found her stash before she left for her sister’s house. I binned it and left for work.”

“What happened?”

“She called me at work saying she was going to score. I didn’t get there on time. I should never have left her alone. She was on the bathroom floor when I found her.”

Sade wrapped her hands round him in a tight hug. “It wasn’t your fault. Please, let me help you. We will get you a therapist on Monday. Someone that will help you. You have to do this for the baby.”

Niyi climbed fully onto the bed. He didn’t want to go back to Andrew’s house, where he knew, bottles and cans of alcohol would be on every inch of the kitchen table– gaping at him. Tempting him. He knew his recovery wouldn’t be that simple. Not the way she made it sound. The two weeks he spent in Nigeria, mending things with his father had taught him that, issues buried for years cannot be unearthed and tended to like fresh ones. Counselling or therapy would not take back what those brutes did.

His body felt clammy as she pulled the duvet cover over him. She moved close to him, not caring that she couldn’t get any closer because of her baby-bump. Undeterred that their relationship was still very much undefined. She would be there for him even if at the end of the journey towards his recovery, clarity about his life might mean his dependence on her ended.

Silent promises in her head aligned with the gentle rise of his chest.



Niyi studied the spider plant as if that was the first time he had seen it. It was nothing spectacular. He kept staring as the Doctor asked his question again. Staring at the plant that sat quietly by the window sill listening to his secrets. The secrets he always thought he would be buried with.

“Do you know why you reacted the way you did when you found out about your brother and your girlfriend?”

Niyi shifted on his seat although this question was one of the easiest ones that the psychologist had asked him since he had his first session with him a few weeks ago. The first session was supposed to be his second but he’d cancelled his first. Overwhelmed by the task, he’d driven back. Sade had begged him to try again.

“I went to work in Portugal for them. And what happened…happened. I had to repress it to be able to live with myself. And, when I found out that they were together when I was…assaulted…it brought it all back. It brought it all back in full force. The nightmares came back. Worse thing is, I knew Sade would find out and that she would never think of me as a man again…”

“A man?” Dr Fitzgerald asked.

“It’s a culture thing. Something like this is not supposed to happen to a man. A man is supposed to be the protector. Never the victim.”

“What I’m hearing is, you are worried about how this will impact on what she feels for you?”

Niyi nodded, shifting his gaze back to the plant again.


“Are you in labour?” He asked as soon as she picked up the phone.

“Do I sound like I’m in labour yet?” Sade chuckled.

She was 37 weeks into her pregnancy but he’d started ringing her every few hours since she started to sound tired on the phone.

“I’m running late darling.” Niyi said as he checked his appearance in the rear-view mirror of his car. He was at the hospital’s car park. “My meeting got moved to this afternoon, so I will be leaving London later than planned.”

“Drive safe then.”

“Don’t miss me too much.”

“Don’t flatter yourself joor.”

“Sade, I know you will miss me.” He ended the call before she had a chance to say something, smiling to himself as he picked up his bag.

A figure moved towards his car.

He looked up and saw him before the man reached his door and opened it. Niyi’s mouth lobbed open. It was the last person he expected to see. This wasn’t going to be good, he thought as he spotted the man’s accomplice at the other end of the car park.


Sade waddled to her front door. Why wouldn’t door traders leave her alone?

She opened the door, ready to say something polite until she saw who it was at the door.


“May I come in? I need to talk to you.” Andrew said.

Sade let him in, biting down her reluctance. Niyi was supposed to tell his friend to stay away from her. That was what he said after she pleaded with him to end the friendship. “That man saved me in Lisboa. I can’t turn my back on my friend because he abhors some sort of feeling for me. Okay… I will warn him to stay away from you.” He told her with an air of finality.

Andrew’s aftershave smelt strong.

His eyes didn’t meet hers as he surveyed the flat.

“I know the truth, Andrew.”

He flinched, meeting her gaze quickly as if to appear the stronger of the two. “What did he say to you? Did he blame it on his one night with those men?”

Sade realised that the man standing before her would do anything to get her man. This unsettled her.

“You are a nurse, I’m sure you know experiences like that can force the most prudish soul to become experimental.”

She glanced at the table, where she’d put her phone before going to the door. “Niyi will be here soon.”

He walked towards the door and closed it, smiling manically as he turned back to her. “I know Niyi is still in London. He won’t be here for a while. We should talk.”

As he moved closer, Sade realised why his scent nauseated her. It was the strong aftershave that filled her nostrils in Peju’s kitchen before the strange arms grabbed her.

The pains she told Niyi about that morning tore through her back as realisation dawned. She had opened the door to danger and the baby had chosen this time to make an appearance.





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  2. Like @ameenaedrees has said, you know this story is electrifying and we can’t but love it. I can’t pretend to see a flaw even when I’m wondering the name “Anabela” should be spelled “Annabella.”

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