Again N’ Again

Where did you come from? How did you get here? My heart’s asking!
With story of the old my heart feels it can be a partaker of your glory.
A reason to want to die for; a curse, a pursuit of aggrandize territory.


You made Romeo gave his life to the hand of a portion of death
How can you bring such a pain just to conform to physical gaze of blame?
Yes you are blind yet see what discontent the world eye gaze at your flame
Sweet breeze you fill a heart with double the storm you present even death
Can I hide from you my hearts say’s, a denier of natural flow?


Juliet you caused a double death even with much promise to your warming embrace.
With jealousy my heart grows, wonder to find a way out of your whamming
To find you rapped in the stories of the old cutting out the bitter ending.
The beginning now the end what more of an ending can you replace?
It is you I am talking to say’s my heart, you to which I arbor


Love can be so full with mixed feelings that a resulting pain is achieved
Like a virus, let become friends, then you devour with no shame, no reproach.
Parasite on the hope, dreams of what joy it can raise, all in a fantasy.
With no meaning you have ceased and cursed every heart that find you not,
Curse to death searching, wondering what it would have looked like, yes how?


To every heart you have given reason, a dilemma to conform or die inexperience.
So sweet you are, yet so bitter; your cup in presentation, how insincere”
Will a heart be without you in drama, without you in song, without you enchant
My heart has come to realize, its stream became red only because you came passing.
Finding my vim to keep on trying again and again!

12 thoughts on “Again N’ Again” by Gabi (@Gabi)

  1. anak adrian (@anakadrian)


    Now, this is a very nice poem on real love, not some funky feeling of tumbling under the sheets.

    In the first stanza you tried to question love’s origins, and also you’ve heard the stories of its pleasant nature. Based on what you’ve heard, you believe you may be able to benefit from such a pleasurable emotion.

    In stanza two perhaps after having had a slight feel of it, you feel euphoric but wonder about how, to some, it brought pain

    Stanza three has you with an increased experience of it, but now with a little of its not so pleasurable side. But not too much, so that something inside you doesn’t want to give up on it.

    Now filled with wanton emotion you see the phenomenon of love for what it really is in Stanza four, and it vexes you

    In stanza five its either “you love and you suffer its rules” or “you don’t love and then suffer the blues” you must conform.

    Love is a two faced bitch

    Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

    But despite all its issues you realise that its what makes you human and you pick yourself up to love again.

    Very nice.

    Here are a few corrections though
    Line 3 “Pursuit to”
    Line 4 “Romeo give” and “potion”
    Line 11″Wrapped in the stories”
    Line 19 “die inexperienced”
    Line 21 “without you enchanted”

    This was a good poem. Two thumbs up.

    1. Mr. Inetanbor (@Gabi)

      @anakadrian, Correction noted and implemented! :)……. I wonder how you do what you do? Thanks for dropping by and doing what you know how to do best!

      1. anak adrian (@anakadrian)

        you’re very welcome

    2. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

      @anakadrian for you, there is only one option… u can certainly live without it ba??

  2. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    I read this 2 days go wanted to be the first to comment but I got busy and that bros above beat me to it…

    “To every heart you have given reason, a dilemma to conform or die inexperience.”
    Now that line… oh the death to the inexperienced part had me… truly u have 2 options… let love in or die never knowing it! Period

    1. Mr. Inetanbor (@Gabi)

      Seriously……. I believe in choices, maybe because i inherited it from the master creator!

      Thanks guys, just to let know i am very afraid now, for all this poems i have written say 3- 6 down the line, will i be able to measure up? I am trying to write new once but my head is still under the clouds………

      thank you @ufuomaotebele, and @anakadrian for gingering my almost gone ability.

  3. anak adrian (@anakadrian)

    Ha ha ha. @ufuomaotebele , I don become “that bros” abi. No wahala sha.

    Well… I can’t honestly say I can’t live without love. But I can certainly live without the drama. If the thing starts trying to get wosky, men I’m out! …No time!

    1. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

      @anakadrian I have now made it my mission to swell up your stomach with romance stories till you explode!!

      1. Mr. Inetanbor (@Gabi)

        @ufuomaotebele, please bring it on, my eyes are already scratchy.

        The only story i love to read day and night…….. is love story but i don’t like to watch because i love to act!

        lol………. By the time @anakadrian is exploding i will be blowing up!…..

    2. Mr. Inetanbor (@Gabi)

      @anakadrian, you have not experience love ooooh!…….

      Like i always tell myself it takes me a Decade to refine love and in between the line are just pre-love!…

      But don’t get me wrong ………… love is a beautiful thing!

  4. anak adrian (@anakadrian)


    Haa! #in D’banj’s voice# anyone trying to force me to read romance stories is on a loooong thing.

  5. oxymorontalks (@oxymoron93)


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