His Highness (13)

His Highness (13)

“Add these to it, burn everything”

“Yes my lady” Dayo collected the box from her mistress and placed it on the clothes in the basket and then she carried it outside.

Folasade bent down to pacify her crying daughter “don’t cry I will get you better things than those ones and I will prepare a better feast for you. I will send your brothers to personally get you a big bush rat from the farm” she said and hugged her daughter who was still sobbing.

“Why will I burn these expensive things I will keep it and take it to the market on the next market day and sell them, these will bring more money to my pocket” Dayo said to herself as she came out of the hut, she placed the basket on the floor and adjusted her wrapper.

“By the way where are these girls, they don’t know it is time for them to rise and sweep the compound?” She carried the basket and placed it on her head “this thing is really heavy.”

Adeola, Ogundele and the other two generals sat at the tavern where they usually met, dressed like common men they drank palm wine and made jokes just the way common men do. It had taken Ogundele and his men a while for them to get used to the king, they were scared initially but it turned out that Adeola was down to earth and very humble, he related well with them and they became friends. This made Ogundele and his comrades respect him more they believed the kingdom could not have a better ruler though he was a little weak and slow in making decisions but they have sworn among themselves to help the king overcome his enemies and become strong.

“We found a suspicious place while we were scouting this afternoon” Adigun one of the men whispered and they all laughed out as if he had said something very funny. Everyone ignored them over the years they had become infamous for their excessive drinking so no one took them seriously.

“We’ll check it out tonight” Adeola responded in a low tone. The other soldiers nodded though it was the first time the king would be facing direct danger, it was too dangerous for him to come along but they knew it was useless trying to talk him out of it.

That night Omotayo could not sleep she felt ashamed of herself, “you coward” she chastised herself and then she realized that she had spoken aloud she turned to look at Adunni and was relieved to see her fast asleep. She had to find out what was going on if those soldiers were truly rebel soldiers then the capital city was no longer safe and the kingdom is about to fall. She owed it to her sister and all those she left at the slave camp to prevent that from happening, but how would she do it? She had to find out what was happening at the hut first.

Omotayo gently stood up from the mat she and Adunni shared she was careful not to make any noise, she tiptoed to the door and just as she was about to open the door Adunni turned changing her sleeping position. Omotayo froze any slightest noise at that moment would wake her up, she waited a few moments and then she opened the door noiselessly and went out she was surprised that the door didn’t give it usually creaking sound and then she remember that Adunni had  put some groundnut oil on its hinges. Omotayo grabbed a torch from its holder as she walked along she knew she would have to fly over the fence because it was too late for the guard to let her out she was only grateful it was a low fence.

Omotayo soon found herself standing a few meters from the hut she was really scared but she was determined to go ahead with it anyways. She blew out her torch and walked stealthily towards the hut luckily there were no guards in sight as she walked closer to the hut she realized the hut was bigger than she thought and it had more than one door it had two doors and no windows. She went round the hut but she saw no one, just then she heard voices she tried the first door it was locked and then she tried the second one and luckily for her it opened she ran inside quickly she knew it was stupid trying to hide in there but she had no choice. Just as she entered she was shocked at what she saw, a man dressed in black looked back at her he was obviously shocked to see her there but Omotayo didn’t notice, she almost collapsed but she stood her ground.

The voices became louder and closer Adeola brought his hands to his lips meaning she should not say a word, Omotayo was so scared but running outside was not an option.

“I don’t know who you are but you obviously as scared as I am if we work together we could get out of here alive.” Omotayo couldn’t hear him she couldn’t see pass his black attire and the sword in his hands though it was still in its sheath.

He heard footsteps; he quickly dragged Omotayo behind a shelf in the hut and used his hands to cover her mouth to prevent her from making any noise and then he remembered that he didn’t put of the lamp.

As the rebel soldier walked in he knew something was strange, first he remembered that he had put out the lamp before he left and there was a smell he wasn’t familiar with. The shelf was the only thing in the hut so; he knew that if there was anybody in the hut they would be behind the shelf. Omotayo and Adeola watched as the rebel’s shadow drew closer just then one of the rebel soldiers called him.

“If you don’t come out now will finish the meat and the wine and there will be nothing left for you.”

“I’m on my way” the rebel responded, he sheathed his sword, blew out the lamp and went out.

Immediately the door slammed shut Omotayo and Adeola heaved a sigh of relieve. Adeola let go of Omotayo and they both rested their backs on the shelf. When Omotayo was calm enough she turned to look at him.

“From what just happened it is obvious that you are not one of them, so who are you? And why are you dressed like that?”

“Are you referring to me? Adeola asked, he wasn’t expecting that question

Omotayo almost laughed “maybe if these walls could hear and speak, they might answer me. Of course I’m talking to you who else is here?”

“Ssh! You are too loud, they might hear you” he whispered

“Who are you?” Omotayo asked again in a low tone

Adeola had never met anyone so persistent in his whole life, is it that she didn’t notice that he was trying to avoid her question?

“I am… I am…” Adeola stuttered

“You are…”

“Forget about who I am, who are you? And what are you doing here? Don’t you know this is no place for a woman?

“Oh! I am a servant my mistress sent me on an errand I took a short cut and got lost.” Omotayo lied, her left eye twitched nervously as she lied and she was grateful for the darkness that hid it.

Adeola nodded his head he was very satisfied with her answer and then he sighed “how are we going to get out of here?”

“I think I should distract them, I…” Omotayo was cut short by Adeola’s laughter she quickly used to her hand to cover his mouth.

“Are you insane? Do you want to alert the rebels with your stupid laughter”? Omotayo whispered angrily.

Adeola removed her hand from his mouth angrily “How dare you speak to me in that manner? Do you know who I am?”  Adeola had finished speaking when he realized what he had said.

“Who are you? Omotayo asked quietly taunting him

“I am… I am a soldier of the king in fact I am one of his personal guards he sent me and my comrades here when he heard there was a strange hut here.

Omotayo scoffed “Then why are you hiding here like a coward? As the king’s soldier you should be fighting these rebels you…

“You are really not wise, what good is one man against all these rebels?”

Omotayo rolled her eyes “what are we going to do now? Where are your comrades?

“You ask too many questions for a servant, how does your mistress cope with you? Let’s just concentrate on how we are going to get out of here because sooner or later that rebel will back.


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