East Came the Star

East Came the Star

All lost in doubt filled with fear and faithlessness
Hope and believe in question of what fear beholds
Calling, a feared reproach of what answer to get
Love was made meaningless and Justice invalid

All fear at the calling of the father
With lawlessness the centre of fulcrum
Wondering wallowing devoid of hope
Condemned by self petty with no yearn ramus

Light shun from above the container of containers
With symbolism brought rays of faith
Hope danced back to the heart of faint faith
Yearning has name even in the presence of bitterness

Justice required was measured, call the price announced
Mercy was only seen by the fullness there was in heart of love
All was placed on that table of judgment all sat in gray viciousness
A golden heart was born out of light, petty and love

All pains was he fed with, clothed and adorn with bitterness
With love, doors where open slammed without keys of respect
Without shame a savior was name as all burdens became a face
Our sorrow came to meet its shame to a rebirth of hope and faith

16 thoughts on “East Came the Star” by Gabi (@Gabi)

  1. Desiring to read more…

    1. Mr. Inetanbor (@Gabi)

      @innoalifa, in time!…. thanks for drooping by and living a footprint behind…………. I hope to read your comment on the others published and awaiting….

      1. U’re welcome, cordially.

  2. Oloruntoba Yetunde (@Olushademi)

    wow…nice one bro…am just seeing u for the 1st time…welcome bro

    1. Mr. Inetanbor (@Gabi)

      @Olushademi, Thanks!!! very correct just got to find out that there is a place online where a lot of writes meet and write and read and drop comments ……..yeah just found NS…lol
      Thanks for your time and your comment ….Hoping to keep reading from you!

  3. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Hmmm so sweet. Christmas is in the air!

    1. Mr. Inetanbor (@Gabi)

      Thanks @ufuomaotebele, you can say that again…..

  4. Kosnie (@Kosnie)

    This is beautifully done…like this

    1. Mr. Inetanbor (@Gabi)

      Thanks @kosnie! Nice to have you checkout and comment. Hope to keeping reading from you.

  5. anak adrian (@anakadrian)

    My mental DJ made a slight record scratch at “…centre of fulcrum…” other than that, the poem played nicely; the container of containers if i’m not mistaken being a certain highly regarded virgin.

    1. Mr. Inetanbor (@Gabi)

      Nice to have you drop by, and your comment one of which i have awaited……..Centre of Fulcrum insights the support within support ( say the priest met to hold the truth, denials the truth) ……………and The container of Containers insights the flesh that hold the ever living Spirits (When the dove came down and the voice spoke from beyond the sky)…… Now play am again!…..Thanks again @anakadrian!

      1. anak adrian (@anakadrian)

        lol, nice one ;-) You addressed my confusion spot on: “support within support” You actually did know very well what you were doing… @Gabi

        1. Mr. Inetanbor (@Gabi)

          Thank plenty @anakadrian!

  6. oxymorontalks (@oxymoron93)

    make i know lie, i still dey try decipher wetin this piece mean

  7. oxymorontalks (@oxymoron93)

    okay now i gerrit. thank you

    1. Mr. Inetanbor (@Gabi)

      @oxymoron93, that is great! and thanks for dropping by!

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