The Dilemma (part four)

My heart was beating so hard i thought i would pass out so i stood up. I didn’t know why i was this tensed up. No ,i knew alright. She was calling, and i hadn’t any idea what to say that would make sense enough to sound as an excuse.

“Hello”. She said over the phone.

I didn’t know what prompted me or how it came about  but my reply came as a song.

It was KCI and JOJOs “All my life”.

“Baby.. baby baby . I will never find another lover sweeter than you , sweeter than you ….”

She listened  all trough without saying a word and when i finished a slight noise behind me made me turn around to find the security man gaping at me in shock from the rooms door.

“Oga doctor. ah oga doctor wetin happen now? why you come dey sing for inside hospital room”.

He was looking so shocked as he couldn’t comprehend the scene.

“Ssshhhhhhhhhhhh” I replied in return looking at him the way the groom looks at whoever suddenly appears when the priest asks if there’s anyone not wanting to allow his marriage to continue.

“Hello.” Her voice came again  over the phone.

Damn her voice had this therapeutic effect. I said to myself.

“Am here baby. Am right here” i replied.

“Zion Uchenna” she said very slowly.

“Am right here mama”

I kept quiet. Whenever she called my names in such manner it meant something serious was at stake. Even hearing her pronounce them at that moment made my own name  sound odd to me. Like who calls there sons Zion?

“Merry Christmas” .

 She sounded sleepy and tired.

“Merry Christmas to you too sugar”  i replied.

I had to put a lot of effort to make my voice sound as natural and sweet as possible

“its past seven Zion”

“yes wifey. its past seven”

“its Christmas day”

“yes cupcakes. It’s Christmas day”

“Explain yourself”

Then i poured it all out. Raw and undiluted. From the point i left the hospital rushing to her  place, Up  to the patients , security man and the nurses and doctors drama.

“But you should have called and explained”

“Baby i tried. Initially,  i forgot my phones in the car , then when i remembered , all this drama started and i didn’t even have time. Baby my hand is still bleeding sef”

“And i have a slight headache too ” I added.


“Baby?” i called again.

“Its ok . I understand”. she said after a few seconds.

“Uhmmm. You’re not upset?”

“Go jor. Of course i am . But hey you’re a doctor. So i guess its your patients first”

“Baby its not like that. You’re my baby naw. common. That’s why you’re trinity”

After saying that i stood grinning sheepishly knowing well i had no idea what i just said. It still beat me that even after months of knowing trinity , I still felt tensed when speaking with her. Med school really ripped me the time of learning how to be confident with ladies i guess.

“Baby?You still there?” i said.


  But the phone lines went dead.

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