Dark fantasies 7

News travels fast and soon everyone was talking about Emily, Dr Chioma’s visitor and with Dr Musa as the chief broadcaster of the news, it was a very interesting tale. He painted the picture that Emily’s hair was blood red and passed her waist, the actual color is reddish brown, auburn and it stopped at her mid back, that she was very tall that was true , that eyes were the same colour with her eyes, that was true but the actual hair colour. That her dress was so short all he had to do was tilt his head a little to the left or right and he’d see her pant, that wasn’t true, he would have to bend to his waist level to see it.

‘Who is this your friend everyone is talking about.’ Dr Mark asked Chioma.

‘Ahhh you miss o!, it was a show ehh the dress was short I bet she can’t bend.’ Dr Musa said widening his eyes.

‘Dr Musa.’ Chioma retorted.

‘I know she is your friend, but Mark kai you should’ve seen with your korokoro eyes, gaskiya she sexy die.’

‘You’re married o!.’

‘I know na but I get eyes.’

‘Dr Arinze told me she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.’

‘It is true.’

‘So that means am now no3.’ Chioma asked jokingly.


‘I know Hafsat remains no1 most beautiful, then Emily no2 and me no3.’

‘No you’re still no2.’


‘I cant classify her she’s a spirit, did you see those eyes, I pity any man that will fall into hands.’ Dr Musa said shaking his head.

‘Hahahaha machiji ko mamiwata .’ Dr Mark said laughing at Dr Musa who slapped him playfully.

‘What’s that? Chioma asked.

‘Dont mind this mumu, see Dr Nkrameh coming.’ Dr Musa said.

‘Where! where ehh which side.’ Dr Mark said trying to duck his head under the table to hide. They all laughed at him.

‘Are you that scared of her.’ Dr Musa said laughing at him.

‘Yes I seriously am, it gets worse.’

‘Maybe I should introduce you to Emily.’ Chioma told Mark.

‘Kai she’s out of Kalu’s league, that one will play you like soccer ball.’ Dr Musa said eyeing Mark.

‘Why would you say that, you only met her once.’

‘Mark Kalu is good boy and plays safe, we both know your friend wouldn’t.’

Mark’s mind went to Emma, their description fit her to the tee, he remembered meeting her at A lounge, later they had they had a date at Nanet suites, and the last dinner at charcoal where they ended up in his apartment, she drove, he left his car there and she took her time to delete herself from his life.

‘What are you thinking about?’


That was their break time, they had no idea that Anita had been watching an had been enraged, when they closed the result of her anger was thrown on Chioma’s face.

‘What happened to my car?’ She gasped staring at the battered car, someone took their time to smash the windscreen, windows and punture the tyres. Chioma was glad she didn’t come to work with her Ferrari, it will be way cheaper to repair her GLK.

‘What the hell, who did this?’ Mark asked surprised.

‘I saw Dr Anita, she was angry.’ A cleaner said, her amebo way of saying it was her.

‘Why my car.’

‘Call security.’ Mark told the cleaner who quickly obliged.

Later at the CMD’s office.

‘Dr Nkrameh accept we have you on surveillance tapes.’ Mark threatened.

After denyiny vehemtly, she finally lost it and lashed out. ‘Ok I did it, I did it, I smashed your car, what are going to do, kill me ehh.’ She turns to Mark angrily, ‘I’ve been here with you for long and yet you chose her over me.’


‘Yes dont pretend, you’re not screwing her.’

‘Anita.’ Mark felt acid rush into his mouth as he called her name.

‘Dont Anita me, you rogue, how could you do this to me?’ She said and lounged at him with  blows and scratches, Mark firmly untangled himself from her and kept his distance as she burst into tears.

‘I will have to call the police, this is a case of vandalism.’ Dr Ismaila said.

‘No I wont press charges.’ Chioma said.

‘Go ahead, let them lock me up, you think I’ll grovel.’ She said in between sobs.

‘No, Dr Mark and I aren’t dating.’ Chioma tried to explain.

‘But you hang out together, always laughing.’

‘You need help woman, if he doesn’t like you can’t force him you’re suspended indefinitely, why did I even employ a Ghanaian in the first place.’ Dr Ismaila said.


‘I feel bad for Anita she really must love you.’ Chioma said in Mark’s car he’d offered to take her home while her car was towed away.

No she’s just obsessed, it’s not healthy, its more like a game to her.’

‘Or maybe she’s madly in love with you.’

‘Would you do that, if you were madly in love?

‘No but we have different ways of reacting.’

‘She damaged your car.’

‘I still feel bad for her.’

‘Me too but I’d be lying if I tell you that I’m not looking forward to working in a hospital without her, her off days are my best.’

‘Oh that’s not fair.’

‘She pushed me.’

‘I know, Dr Musa told me, perhaps if you can forget that lady may be you might actually move on.’

‘What lady.’

‘The one that stole your stuff.’

‘What stuff, what did Musa tell you?’

‘Oooops nothing.’

‘That Amebo, okay tell me what he said about me and I will tell you what he said about you.’

‘You first.’

‘He said you left Premium care because all the doctors were fighting over you, he said the CMD gifted you four cars including a Lamborghini and Bentley.’

‘What!!! Four.’

‘That’s not all, that you received diamonds worth 50 million naira.’

‘My God, what an exageration, it was a diamond brooch and certainly not worth 50 million naira, and it was one  car, A Ferrari.’

‘Wow A Ferrari, the guy must be loaded.’

‘How did Dr Musa find out?’

‘He has his sources and now its my turn.’

‘Well he said you picked up a girl who stole everything you had including your split AC’s and plasma TV, that she came with a mini van.’

‘What, she took nothing but my heart.’ He said and fell silent.

‘Ohhh, And that a patient almost commited suicide because you refused to kiss her.’

‘Oh God he exaggerated.’

They reached Chioma’s house in Asokoro.

‘What a collection of cars and you say he exaggerated.’

‘Oh there are not all mine, we’re four in number living here.’

‘Even at that that there’re more than 10 cars here.’

‘Five of them belong to Emily.’

‘Who owns the G-wagon?’


‘She must love cars.’

Dr Mark declined the invitation to go inside and have dinner.

‘Ok if you wont eat just have a drink, please.’

‘Since you’re insisting.’

Mark was about leaving when Emily came into the parlour

They both froze when they saw each other, both of them quickly regained their composure quickly.

‘Emily meet Dr Mark kalu he’s the neurosurgeon at our hospital, Dr Mark,  Emily my best friend.’

‘Actually we’ve met before.’


‘I can’t remember.’

Emily was mute.

‘Thanks for the drink I gotta to go.’ He said bade good bye and left.

Emily was transfixed to her position, he’d seen her and without a second glance he left and she has been thinking of him.

‘Where did you guys meet?’ Chioma asked, she didn’t answer.

‘Cat got your tongue.’ Chioma said again.



He felt like a fool lurking around her house, he tried covering  his face with the dashbard and an old newspaper when she was driving out, since Hajara told him off he had been feeling this need to see her, he tried calling her on many occasions but refrained.

He’d followed her around enough to know that she liked socializing with friends at eateries, that her best colour might be blue, she liked to dress in blue and her car was blue.

Kpa kpa kpa he heard on his window, he looked and Hajara was furiously looking at him, he was filled with shame as he wound down his glass.

‘What have you been doing infront of my house for days?’ Hajara asked.

‘Nothing, am not in front of your house, do you own the whole street?’

‘No I don’t, but this plot is private property and you’re trespassing.’


‘What do you want?’


‘Here I am.’

‘I mean I want to see you, I have something important to discuss with you.’

‘Why didn’t just call me.’

‘I thought you wouldn’t pick.’

‘Dont flatter yourself, we never even dated.’

‘So please can we meet?’

They were at Transcorp, he couldn’t help admiring her blue fitted gown as she walked towards him, she declined when he said he would pick her and told him she would drive herself.

‘It was your decision, what’s wrong now?’ She said when he told her he wanted another chance.

‘Then, my mind was clustered, but now am thinking clearly.’

‘Faisal I wasn’t joking when I said you were too old for me, besides I have a boyfriend.’

‘What, but you agreed to meet me.’

‘I was forced, besides everyone knows you reject every girl your mom and sister try to match you with.’


‘Yes you’re like some old indecisive looser with loads of cash.’

‘Is that what you think of me.’

‘Does it matter?’

‘It does, I don’t know?’ It occurred to him, he was actually an indecisive looser with enough cash.





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  1. Na waoo, this Anita is something else! Please God, dont lead me to such a doctor before I die out of her anger! Some minor typos. Following!

    1. My dear @lone dat na my prayer too o.
      Thanks a lot for reading. :-) :-) :-) :-)

  2. Dr musa is truly the office grapevine source knowing everything about everybody even though most are exaggerations…Great Episode I really enjoyed this

    1. @kosnie thanks sweetheart, yesso he knows everything about everyone but he has to add maggi to make it tasty and a dash or cardamon for aroma.
      Tanks for always reading.

  3. Gossips in the hospital. Musa the male gbeborun. Anita sha! she went too far #jealousy. I’m still trying to figure out Emily. …. lips sealed till then.

    1. @shovey gossips run everywhere o, even in the emergency room and operating room, mouth must run and someone must be the topic, humans.
      But people accuse girls too much, even men do it too, I’ve seen one before, he inspired the character of Dr musa.
      Thanks a lot dear, :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) for always reading.

  4. A well-written episode if not for some teeny-weeny typographical errors which I take as oversight…

    1. Thanks for reading @innoalifa, me trying my very best to conquer those typos.
      Tnx once again for always being there.
      :-) :-) :-) :-)

      1. U’re welcome dear :)

  5. hehehe, Dem don catch Emily abi Emma, finally, been waiting for this, and the way he left her without a second glance lmao, too sweet, i enjoyed this one

    1. My guy @kevweodogun or should I say Dr musa, you jus wan mek dem catch Emily, dey son catch am, you wan describe am like Dr musa baa.
      Thanks a lot for your sweeeewt comment my guy.
      :-) :-) :-) :-)

      1. hehehe @ameenaedrees youre always welcome i will keep my dr musaness to myself for now

  6. Na wa for Anita’s obsession o, Dr Musa na real wireless….. I enjoyed reading this, following.

    1. Abi @raykeeyah dis Anita carry weight for her obsession, and Dr Musa na confam wireless.
      Thanks for reading dear.:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  7. I can’t wait to tuck into this one. Seems like you had fun writing this episode.
    Work has completely taken over these days but I will be back soon to comment properly. You serial writers are twisting and turning it up a notch as usual @ameenaedrees.

    1. We’re learning from the pro (you) , really nice of you to drop by @olajumoke , I will be waiting for the proper comment.

  8. I enjoyed it! I am starting to understand the characters of mark Emily Chioma Anita Musa but!!
    I have one complain. This series is too infused with characters and different story lines its hard to keep up. We know who the main characters are but those extra character like the very last paraphrases I feel are not needed. I am only interested in what’s going on with the people in the hospital but that’s not even all.

    Since we are only reading it, its hard to follow up.

    And o I think Emily is still fishy. Why all those cars?? Sometimes this reads as if they are not in Nigeria though. And Anita do not have any proffesional bones in her! Lashing out on a fine car. Mark mark mark…. the doctor who I wanna kno more of and we see that Musa definitely added salt and maggi to his stories… lol

    Anyway good episode. Jus make the story cleaner and clearer

    1. One more thing, I read the very last paraphrases… okay I remember Faisal and the much younger girl who turned him down but see, your readers are nit even bothered about that… we only comment about musa and the others making it seem like the Faisal story is his a side story from another series…

      Hope you get my rambling
      . No mind me oo

      1. Heheheheehee @ufuomaotebele, I get the rambling and I love the rambling.:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
        Thanks a tonne for the helpful suggestion, sorry for the confusion, na the too many characters I think.
        I will try and make it clearer.

    1. Thanks for reading @robby

  9. Reminds me of Doctors Quarters and Cliic Matters

  10. Oww I miss DQ but didn’t see clinic matters, tnks for reading @menoveg.

  11. I like the themes and the storyline. Interesting, dramatic series.
    However, now that I have read up to 7, I have to say I agree with @ufuomaotebele on the multi character ish.
    Plenty of the characters we have seen so far have no real reason to be in the series. The Goke guy and the other LA Doctor had no reason to be here. I would have brought that up in dialogue or flashback or perhaps used just one of them.
    You don’t have to name and describe all the minor characters that have helped shaped your main characters.
    It is good though that you have the ability to create all these wonderful characters. That skill would be useful for novel writing or screen writing (you better holler at me and Ufuoma when you secure that major TV deal, lol).
    Keep honing your craft.
    I’m enjoying the ride. Trust there is more drama to come.
    Well done.

    1. A very big thanks to you @lajumoke and @ufuomaotebele for the major points, I will hold on to them.
      And if you or @ufuomaotebele secure the job first please remember me too o.
      Thanks once again for taking your time to read and give helpful suggestions.

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