Dark fantasies 6

The fan was making a creeking sound as it rotated round it’s axis, the air it gave was like still humid liquid, not pleasant at all, Chioma noted it as one of the issues to discuss with Dr Ismaila later, the patient she was attending looked frail and hopeless.

‘Mrs Badejo, how are you feeling today?’ She asked.

‘As usual, I have a bad heart, can’t afford the surgery, how should I feel?’

‘I see, take a deep breadth for me.’ She said placing her stethoscope on her chest.

A loud tang sound made her look back, Mrs Badejo’s teenage daughter had dropped a stainless cup, Chioma looked at the direction she was gazing and saw Dr Mark by the windowtalking to a nurse, she smiled, most female young female patients, even some old ones usually had a thing for Dr Mark. Dr Musa had given her several of the details somedays ago over lunch, including a girl that threatened to commit suicide if Dr Mark doesn’t kiss her, lately Dr Musa’s stories are becoming too bogus to believe.

The sound got him too because he looked up and smiled, then entered the ward, unfortunately he didn’t notice the teenage girl.

‘Good morning Mrs Badejo.’ He greeted.

The lady grunted for a reply.

‘My days are numberd aren’t they?’ She said in the saddest tone she could conjure.

‘Well Mrs Badejo, you don’t have to say such things, we stole the best cardiologist in Abuja, if not in Nigeria, and she is looking after you.’ Dr Mark said.

‘So that means you’ll save me, can I rely on you, can I put my hope on you?’

‘No, you can’t rely on me neither can you put your hopes on me, I can’t guarantee that you’ll recover or live.’ Chioma said.

‘Dr, you said she was the best, now she saying that I will die.’ Mrs Badejo said almost in tears.

‘No she didn’t say that.’ Mark said looking at Chioma hoping that she should salvage the situation.

‘Actually I did.’ She said.

‘Dr Anyawu.’ Mark said again hoping.

‘You see Mrs Badejo your life is your hands, the will to recover and live is yours, I can only infuse you with drugs, I’m a man like you, your strong will and  hope will give you strength, do you believe in God?’


‘Then believe that He can save you, your Dr can’t save you only you can, your Dr can die too, he’s not infallible, what can cure you is positive thinking.’

‘You hear mom so stop lamenting and pray we get the money for your surgery soon.’ Her teenage said.

‘Ok, Dr, from now only positive thinking, I believe I will get well, I have to live for my daughter, am all she has left.’

‘And I was just uniformed that an unanimous person just deposited money for your surgery.’

‘Oh the Lord is great, she cried, I believe in God.’

‘That was quiet impressive, and I also assume that you’re that unanimous Samaritan, I can see why Dr Ismaila cant stop praising you, I’ll use that trick on my patients, pray I have enough money to fund an expensive procedure.’ Dr Mark said as they were walking down the corridor.

‘Its not a trick, its true.’

‘Well I didn’t mean tooo.’

‘Its okay, you see my Dad was a Cardio thoracic surgeon before retiring, my mom was a heart patient and she relied on my dad entirely, she had no will of her own, dad was involved in an accident and couldn’t perform her surgery, she lost hope because it was Dad that she relied on and she didn’t wake up after the surgery and Dad blames himself, so I prefer they should believe in God and have strong will to survive that way it doesn’t matter who is treating them.’

‘I must say you’re indeed a good doctor, I’m sorry about your mom.’



She had just finish discussing with Dr Ismaila certain issues and about one more doctor (Goke) when Dr Musa intercepted her.

‘I’d like you to meet Hafsat, my queen.’ He said.

They exchanged greetings and Dr Musa was not exaggerating Hafsat was indeed very beautiful.

‘I’m I lying, is she not beautiful? He asked beaming

‘She is very beautiful.’

‘Are you blind ? Someone shouted, they looked back and people had gathered by the window, they were staring, their gaze went to the door and Chioma Noticed Emily in a yellow short gown she let her hair down and was smiling widely which meant she had done something bad. Even Dr Musa and his wife stared and Chioma was wondering how he will tell this tale

‘What have you done? Chioma asked Emily when they were in her office.

‘Nothing, I just bought a car.’

‘Another car, what are going to do with all those cars.’

‘Drive them of course, err look who is talking you drive a Ferrari.’

‘I didn’t buy it remember.’

‘Remind  me again that your sugar daddy gifted it to you.’


‘We all Dr Njoku will do anything to be that.’

‘So why did you buy the car?’

‘Cos I like it.’

‘Congratulations on your new purchase, what kind is it.’

‘Thanks, its a G-class, actually  a 4matic 4-door AMG twin turbo premium unleaded V-8, 5.5L  all wheel drive.’ Emily said happily, Chioma was staring at her like she was speaking gibberish.

‘What else?

‘Errrmm Goke can stay now.’

‘What did you do to him?’


Just then Chioma noticed the led light in her phone blinking. I WILL KILL THAT BITCH, I’M LEAVING THE HOUSE TODAY Goke. The message read.

Emily was gone before she could confront her.


The first thing Faisal noticed was her fair skin, then her hair, then her legs and finally her face and name tag.

‘A-day-i.’ he said.

‘A-dayi.’ She corrected.

‘What tribe.’


‘Which one.’


He’d heard rumors that they were one of the most dangerous tribes in Nigeria, it didn’t stop him from asking her out, he knew his reputation would suffer if he dated a waitress he still developed a relationship with her lastly he knew his parents would never agree to their Union he still fell in love with her.

Their relationship was spontaneous, he liked and she liked him but he did all he could to keep it a secret because he didn’t want to hurt her and couldn’t have tolerated it if she was insulted.

‘I think you’re ashamed of me.’ She said once.

‘No am not.’

‘Then why are you always discreet, but still it doesn’t stop you from getting down with me.’

‘Common baby dont spoil the mood.’ He said trying to stop the conversation with a kiss.

‘Stop and get off me, you’re just using me.’

‘Keep your voice down we’re at a hotel.’

‘Yes that’s where we always are, where you treat me like your whore.’

‘Shut up and stop blabbering nonsense, if don’t want to be with  me then go, after all I give you everything.’

‘You bastard, after using me several times, you think you can just discard me.’ She was holding his shirt.

He yanked her hands of his shirt and pushed her and she fell hitting her head on the wall, blood trickled out, out of anger he smashed the vase on the table and threw the water jug at  the plasma on the wall and  it broke. She saw a dark side of him that day, she could have left him but she didn’t.

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  1. This is interesting but I observed a teeny-weeny flaw. Instead of Mrs. Badejo to say, “My days are NUMBERED, aren’t they?”, she said, “My days are NUMBERD…”

    Anyways, I love the flow of the evolving story.

    1. Eagle eyes, wish I had that.
      Thanks a lot @innoalifa.

      1. @ameenaedrees, U’re welcome, always nah.

  2. Dr musa!! The amebor of the hospital. One thing I fear about becoming a doctor is knowing that I will not be able to tell a patient that he or she is dying. I will do what that doctor did, pay for her medical bills and then all the rest to God. Doctors die too. I liked how Chioma handled the situation.

    And why did Emily buy a new car again?? Something is fishy on her side. Is she trying to outshine chioma hmm

    The last scene though!

    1. We need Dr Musa to tell us who is doing who and what is happening na.
      You’ll make a fine doctor @ufuomaotebele.
      You know say Emily name ya namesake, her whole life is fishy sef.
      Thanks for reading dear.

  3. i’m enjoying chioma’s character but this Emily tho? #spot this error : I was just informed that an anonymous not *uniformed that an unanimous*

    1. @shovey thanks for reading dear.
      I later noticed a lot of errors sef but it was already published.
      :-) :-) :-) :-)

  4. Drama! A nice episode here.

    1. Thanks for reading @menoveg dear. :-) :-) :-) :-)

  5. Beautifully crafted…Great job wt de Adayi character we can nw relate wt her on de story

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment @kosnie.

  6. when will Emily finally meet Mark, im guessing thats why she fled abi?

    1. My guy @kevweodogun, they will meet soon, you wan do amebo, are you Dr musa? :-) :-) :-)
      Thanks for reading.

      1. lmao, okay I will keep quiet i have been doing Dr Musa since

  7. This Emily na hot babe jawe…no dey take sh*t!

    So Faisal na bad guy on him own…he has been acting on a low level since..

    Still reading!

    1. Hot babe, seems like you fall for the pretty and sharp ones, hehehehehe
      Faisal na guy with issues o! plenty sef.
      Tnx for following @chimezie.

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