The Chat

The Chat

Who could think of relations?
Just as the wind blow free
is the wind really free?
Floating with faces, with heads
just like the sun with a million smiles
how could you have thought of it
sitting right beside each other
that should start the cool off

The truth can never be hidden,
within lies the big enchilada
really you are, a memento of
life source indigenously indeed
but to be high and dry
is a break in its occurrence.

The feeling of being alone
had always strives but with just
one communication now i see
a million and one is related.
The flamingo, the nightingale
all related births by nature

For then i was be-hung
be-hang with an earthy Angel
but it is never enough
shown from a chat maybe more
who knows it’s just a chat.

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      Thanks @Rosey, nice to have you drop by!

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