My Birthday Party

My Birthday Party

Welcome to my birthday party
Try to mingle with my friends
Sorry, they are but owls and wolves
And beasts of my sentimental forest
Frightening as they are, they are still the closest
Even more real than the realest

Please have a slice of My cake
baked in despair in the conclave of my mind
Molded fat in misery and tears for yeast
When sorrow clouds your heart like early mist
The oven is ‘reminiscence’ of chances missed

Come let’s listen to apathetic music
While we do a pathetic dance
Carrying daggers behind our backs while we tango
Let’s proclaim our devotion to each other while feelings entangle
In my birthday party

Not So much but it’ll do
Maybe one day
One day I’ll celebrate my birthday

16 thoughts on “My Birthday Party” by kay (@Kay0496)

  1. Hmmmm what a Birthday

  2. wah kinda bday is dis? pls celebrate ur bday like a normal human so we can feast with you.

    1. It’s a unique birthday…and how do ‘normal people’ celebrate sef?

  3. “death day” would be more like it. An engaging poem, nice. Liked the part about your mind being construed as the oven

    1. Really, I didn’t think of that.. .thanks for reading. ..

      1. Re: “baked in despair in the conclave of my mind”

  4. Thanks for reading everyone…

  5. This is my kind of party!!! Lol dare to be different. Ghost of our past will be our waiter. We serve everyone a win from our misery collection.

    @kay0469 I will definitely invite you to my next birthday

    1. Thank you *smiles*
      Ghost of our past will be our waiter. I love that!

  6. Love this …… The tone could be seen from each line and the expression looked consistent. Nice piece @Kay0496 I can feel you!

    1. Thanks sir, glad you do.. .thank you for reading

  7. Mariam (@MohammedTumininu)

    Nice birthday,in a way, it is part of life.

    1. True. .thanks for reading

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