Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 35-The Big Blow 2

She woke up on the sixth day after several bags of drip had gone into her veins.They were already at the Indian clinic located in New Delhi.

After drinking a bit of water and custard,her eyes scanned the entire room thoroughly for minutes.

“What’s wrong my baby?” Olori Ayoka enquired tenderly.

“Nothing Mama..I’m in severe pains…and I can’t find Sims! He’s really dead right? I’m finished Mama!”

“Of course not,he survived miraculously.He’ll be here tomorrow afternoon. Don’t worry,everything will be just fine” Ayike replied assuringly.

“Are you sure there’s something between her and the oyinbo?” The Queen Regent asked Ayike whlist Ireti was fast asleep.

“Of course Olori,he’s madly in love with her.I’ve seen him kissing her sef” Ayike responded to Olori Ayoka’s question.

Simon was afraid of entering her hospital room,he didn’t know what to expect.

The beautiful room was mildly filled with the smell of drugs and antiseptics,she had a bandage on her right arm,a cast on her leg and a bag of drip connected to her left arm.

Her beautiful face and body was swollen and tainted with bruises,he cried the very moment she turned to look at him.

“What’s wrong? Do I look that bad?” She asked self consciously.

“No…you look just great…but I’ve missed you so much…” He replied and bent down to kiss her lips carefully so the plaster placed on it wouldn’t remove.

“You still don’t look as you used to..will you ever shave again?” She asked with a touch to his face.

“Not until you return back to normal” he responded and held her hand to his lips.

“Everyone sends their regards,Rev Benedict,your patients,colleagues,friends and Ayo…”

He laid hands on her briefly before feeding her dinner.

“I love you..and I think you look beautiful” he said tenderly as he wheeled her out of her room on the white wheel chair.

They were on the top of the hospital building which was like a relaxation center adorned with beautiful pots of flowers and ferns.

He wept bitterly without her noticing because it was late at night and very dark,they both stared at the stars in admiration.

“Sims?” She called out.

“I’m afraid someone will have to wheel me around all my life.My legs are practically dead. I was told that I can never walk again,several Pastors have prayed for me you know? They all said the same thing….I think we should end this….I can’t imagine us together as long as I’m limited by this” she said and hit the wheel chair angrily.

“Someone will have to wheel me down the aisle on my wedding day..I won’t be able to work at the hospital…I won’t be able to walk down the street with my kids and you….I can’t get married” she said sobbing.

“I’ve been thinking about this deeply, following the utterances your grandma reportedly made to mine when I was hospitalised. She still doesn’t accept me,maybe its because she knows we can’t get married…this relationship has brought nothing but pain and uncontrollable emotions….I hope to remain single all my life and,I want you to get married..you deserve to be happy…I have to end this..we can’t be together anymore,I’m sorry” she added with tears in her eyes.

He said not a thing and fell to the floor in tears.

“Please don’t cry….your tears are hurting me…you don’t have to wheel me down..I can wheel myself” she affirmed and stubbornly attempted to spin the wheels, forgetting the fact that she couldn’t come down the stairs on her own.

Ireti fell from the wheel chair but luckily enough it was the first and shortest flight of stairs,she whimpered out loud and Sims ran to her rescue.

Whilst he lifted her and sat her down on the wheel chair, a nurse approached and volunteered to wheel her down to her room. She sobbed and placed her hands over her face like she was ashamed of herself.

“This is why I can’t get married..I don’t want to become a liability to you Sims..I’m a walking vegetable,simply useless!” She remarked quietly,the Punjabi nurse nodded her head in pity and patted her shoulders lightly.

“Where is my mum?” She asked the nurse who tucked her in on the hospital bed.

“She’s on her way here” the short nurse replied.

“Sims? I want you to return to Nigeria, we’ll see when I get back. Thanks for everything! I’m eternally grateful” she added and pulled the covers over her head.

“Just give her time” the nurse adviced as she consoled Simon who was in tears.

“Its post traumatic stress..she’ll soon get over it” the lady assured.


She returned to Nigeria four months later,she was stronger and her skin had regained its lost glow after intense skin therapy solutions.

Her name was on the cover of most newspapers,and her pictures on lifestyle magazines.

Cameramen literally followed her wherever she went and the King of Ayetoro(her stepbrother), accompanied by his traditional chiefs and several indigenes came to pay homage to her.

They briefed her on the recent happenings that she had missed;

His Lordship committed suicide, Aderopo and Alamu were locked up in a maximum security prison and Bola was the new director and Pastor of the church. Ireti specially directed Bola to lay hands on both Alamu and Aderopo whenever she paid them a visit.

Simon’s companies were fast-rising and soon to become a conglomerate,he paid no attention to his emotions anymore. He was busy at the office on a monday morning when Ayo walked in with a magazine.

“Can you see this? She’s back! Did you read the trending story about the girl she resurrected through God? The media is buzzing about it,I heard she’ll soon be attending interviews on tv” he asserted excitedly.

“Good for her” Simon responded without paying much attention.

“What’s wrong? Don’t tell me mama’s words have gotten to you?”

“Of course not! Ireti doesn’t want me anymore..and there’s little I can do about that…she’ll call me whenever she’s ready to see me” He replied bluntly.

She was watching tv with her mum and maids in the living room.

“Ireti! Where is Simon?”

“Simon?I don’t know oh..I don’t care either”

“You don’t? What has gotten over you? Don’t you want me to see my grandchildren?”

“Grand wah?I’m never getting married” she responded coldly and asked Asake to wheel her into her room.

She received a guest later in the day,it was Ayo. He was suited up and looked lighter to her.

“Its been ages dear!” She verbalized with a wide grin.

“You look really good,I’m sorry for not coming earlier” he apologised.

His question made her eyes turn red,he wanted to know what was going on between her and Sims.

“Nothing,I’ve cut ties with him.”

“You don’t love him?”

“I will always do! I ache for him every night and day, but..he deserves better. I don’t want to disgrace him with my disability,I can’t be the heavy burden he has to lift everyday of his life. Look at me! I’m paralysed,I may never walk again,how can he cope with such? What kind of wife and mother will I be?”

“A perfect one,he’s very sad and unhappy. I don’t think those things will affect your relationship,if anything they’ll make it stronger”

He spoke at length with her and he talked her into meeting with Simon at a garden the next evening.

He wore a fitted navy blue suit adorned with golden buttons and no tie. Words couldn’t describe how good he looked,his hair was shiny and well toned and his black shoes complemented his look.

She saw him seated with both legs crossed on the park bench,Asake wheeled her into his presence and went back to the car.

She looked sophisticated and chic in her lengthy,chocolate brown gown and black accessories,her hair was raised up and packed into a loose bun.

He was dumbfounded when he saw her,Ayo didn’t inform him that the meeting was supposed to be with her.

She felt ashamed and self conscious,her hands felt cold and warm at the same time.

“My Love!” He clouted and bent down to hug her lightly and kiss her gently,she shuddered and tears dropped down her eyes.

He cleaned them up with his hands saying “You look more beautiful than ever.”

“Thanks..I uhmm…Rev Benedict met with me earlier,he asked me to obey Ayo and agree to see you” she replied nervously.

“We must leave here,its too cold” he rejoined and wrapped his jacket around her.

“Maybe he wants to take me home,he must be ashamed of me” she thought to herself in the car where she sat next to him.

He adjusted her loose bra strap for her before they got to ‘Briatta’s,’ a tasteful restaurant for top class people.

“Don’t worry..I’ll lift her up,” He said to Asake who was about to help. Simon wheeled her into the restaurant and they had dinner together.

“Are you alright?Why aren’t you eating?”He asked tenderly.

“I’m not comfortable,these people are staring at me” she said consciously.

“Really? Then let’s show them something more captivating” he replied and kissed her passionately for several minutes with his hands wrapped around her neck.

“Sims? That was rather unexpected” she replied with a blush.

“Sorry..couldn’t help myself..I love you so much” he added with a big smile.

People stared at them in awe,they couldn’t believe what they had just seen.

“I want to take you home,we need to talk” he whispered tenderly into her ears.

“Really? Permit me to finish this pasta dish,you’ve brought back my appetite” She retorted mischievously.

Her mood went back to being saturnine when they returned to the car.

“You don’t have to be afraid” he said tenderly with a hand over her shoulder.

They were seated in the garden that adorned a secluded portion of the mansion where he lived. The fluorescent bulbs lighted up their faces dimly,and she wrapped her arms around herself nervously. They were unaware that everyone was watching them;Asake peeped alongside the maids in Simon’s house from the guest room,and his grandma peeped from her room’s louvres.

“You’re not tensed are you?” He asked and claimed her lips with his once more.

“You’re self conscious,your esteem has dropped right?”

“Kind of…I feel like a living vegetable..I wish I lost my life in that accident..I’m not mad at the people that did this,I’ve forgiven them all but…I’m mad at myself for letting this happen..I look ugly and deformed..people pity me wherever I go like I’m ill”

“You’ve forgiven everyone but yourself and..truth be told..its none of your fault..you’re not deformed….you’re beautiful to me.. I need you to come out of this shell of self pity that has enclosed you for months…stop wearing these lengthy gowns all the time..you don’t need to cover these beautiful legs..most of the wounds have healed,and the scars aren’t so visible anymore…you’re the mother of my unborn children and I don’t care about what anyone has to say against that..I don’t care about your so called “paralysis” or your flaws…if you can’t cook alone then we’ll work in the kitchen as a team..I want you forever…if I can’t have you,I want no one else…we will make this work Ire…we will!..” He said with teary eyes,and she wept like a child..her mouth claimed his hungrily with a love lorned passion.

“Uhhh..how romantic.” The maids exclaimed as they laughed out loud as though they were able to successfully listen in on their conversation.

“I’m fed up of this boy.” Sims’ grandma remarked before going to bed.

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