Orunmila’s Letter-Episode. 30-The Kidnapping

My love,my heart,my best friend,my adviser,my counsellor. These are a few of the innumerable things you are to me,I don’t want to leave you, but I have to. Its my obligation,I don’t want my mother to get assassinated like my dad was because of me. If I leave,I’ll get married to him,my mother would be safe,you would get married to Patricia and have beautiful white kids, since you’re both light skinned.
Please don’t look for me,the words in my letter were untrue but I had to write them. I know you’re quite stubborn,I’m sure you wouldn’t have backed off from me if not for those words. If my estimations are correct,you should be reading this three months after my ‘alleged disappearance’. You taught me a lot of things,about being the change I want to see in the lives of people and how I don’t have to martyr myself for Christ said “He that loses his life for my sake shall find it”.I’ll lose my life by ‘disappearing’ forever, but I’ll also find it by building a new family with my husband and mother.
Don’t ask yourself who I’m bethroted to,truth be told, I don’t know myself. I got a hint about this at age seven when the Queen told me princesses always got bethroted to respectable families. My dad tried endlessly to fight it and sadly,that fight cost him his life.
I keep thinking..that if you had listened to the urgent news I had for you…if you had prayed for him over the telephone, he would still be alive but,I believe there’s a reason for everything. I blame myself for not surrendering to my fate yet, I’m grateful because that ‘selfish decision’ brought me closer to you.
Please move on! You’re a star,shine for me!! Those days abroad I trained myself with the Bible,and a few Pastors I met. I trained so I could be the best for you…I felt if you could teach the word and lay hands then I should be able to do some of that too and I eventually did. I wore those different, long,and also short gowns whenever I was with you in public because I never cared what people saw or thought. All that came into my mind was that look in your eyes,the look of swelling pride and fulfilment. Thank you for that look,it changed my life!
Your love was a spring board and a launching pad for me in all ramifications,and I know its the same for you. Please let your ‘love’ for me be a spring board for your happiness,you always call me your Ireti-your hope for a brighter future and I believe that now you can also think of me as your hope for a better love.
Patricia is a nice person,although she poisoned my drink to make me throw up severally so everyone would think I was pregnant. Those accusations tore me apart,I can’t understand why you would even consider that. I still feel hurt but,I have no grudges against her. She’s madly in love with you and I believe she’ll make a good wife &mother since she fixes ‘no artificial nails’.
Even when I get married to my bethroted,I’ll see you every night and day,your face will show up whenever I’m with him,I will love him because I see you in him and not who he really is.
I’ve ached for you tirelessly,it’s been hard holding you these months. There’s been no hug or romance or cuddling or ‘lip convention’ between us due to Patricia’s lie and those photos with James. I would be happier if we did this in person but since that can’t happen,here’s a kiss for you from my heart and soul. I know you love my red lipstick so its of the same colour and shade.There was a pattern of her lips on the bottom page imprinted by her red lipstick and the words ‘I LOVE YOU’ were also written with the aid of a red lipstick).

Sims cried and cried. It never occurred to him that she could ever be bethroted.

“I must see you again…I won’t forgive myself if I don’t hold you in my arms again” he began to think and strategise briefly,before dozing off.


Ireti was taken to the royal palace of Amofin which was regarded as the spiritual head of all other villages in Yoruba land. It was a magnificent palace,but couldn’t be compared to Ayetoro’s which greatly surpassed it’s beauty.

Ayetoro was most definitely the wealthiest village in Yoruba land at the time,this was why neighbouring villages all wanted Ireti to become their Queen at all costs,so the two great kingdoms could be merged.

“Kaabiyesi ohh” The royal stewards verbalized as they prostrated before their young king,his mother and the council of elders, after which they brought Ireti in with a veil over her face.

“Your majesty! I present to you, the famous Princess Ireti of Ayetoro”

“Where is her mother-the Queen Regent?” Amofin’s Queen Regent asked loudly.

“She escaped your highness,but we’ll find her soon” The guard responded in fear that he would be killed that very instant.

“Enough mother, Please don’t ruin this happy hour for me.Go and find the Queen!!” King Aderopo commanded. He was dark skinned with profound tribal marks across his face,he served in the Nigerian army for years before returning home to ascend the throne after his father’s demise.

“Sister! Could you help me pull the veil off my wife?”

“No problem” Princess Lara replied. She was fair and huge,one of the oldest maidens who had quite a few suitors in Amofin.

“My Chiefs,what do you think?” He asked the group which consisted of six elderly men and a woman all dressed in white”

“Hehehehe” They grinned and exposed their kola stained teeth at the same time, after which they responded randomly.

“She’s an angel your highness! Her beauty was definitely under stated!!The gods be praised” They replied in unison, he gestured for them to leave and hit them gently with the royal staff as they all left.

The large living room was beautifully organised but some barbaric sculptures could be found there in,she kept staring and said not a word.

“Mtcheew! I’m the only angel in this town,there can’t be two!!” Princess Lara soliloquised and rested her fat,swollen arms on the couch she sat on.

“Mother, what do you think?”

“She’s more than perfect for you,but we have to clean up her face..and treat the bruises on her arms” The Queen responded courteously.

“My wife! I can’t believe destiny has made this obsession of mine a reality. I’ve always loved you” He remarked aloud and commanded his guards to take her into his room.

It was gigantic,with a large bed,reading table,newspapers and barbaric objects. He stared at her once more,her hair was dishevelled,her lengthy black gown was ripped by the side exposing her thighs(the guards ripped it for their own pleasure),her lips were full and her body was proportionate with beautiful endowments.

He dropped down the right sleeve of her gown and traced his hands and mouth from her shoulders down to her bosom. He pulled down her upper undergarment and massaged her full bosoms firmly. She was cold,shivering and also in tears.

“My obssession!” He grizzled out as he carressed her face gently with his long nails and kissed her lips,her palm hit his face violently.

“Don’t you ever try that with me again! I’m a princess not a prostitute!!” She affirmed out loud.

He struck her down with his staff,and kicked her with his feet till she was sore on all sides. Her ribs hurt and her face was swollen,she rolled on the rugged floor in pain and tears. Aderopo pulled off his royal paraphernalia and cupped her full bosom with his hands with a ravenous look on his face,his eyes were blood shot.

“If you ever hit me again, I’ll kill you faster than I killed your father.” He threatened as he ripped her gown farther up and kissed her thighs and bare bosom.

“I can’t see Sims in him..Please help me Lord..I see this royal beast and not my love..help me see him as Sims” she muttered silently in tears as her nose bled uncontrollably.

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  1. This is truly sad…i weep for her

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    Didn’t see this twist coming oh how I feel for the princess and Sims…this is indeed S A D

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    Oh my God!!! This is painful! May God intervene for you my Princess.

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