Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 27-The Miraculous

“Stop crying Ma. He will be healed right now.If Jesus was able to heal yesterday,he should be able to perform even greater miraculous works today”

After saying this,he touched the boy’s forehead and knees and the lad was stirred up and resonated from within.

“Your son has been healed Ma! Take him to the hospital for confirmation tomorrow.”

She kept staring in unbelief until he stretched forth his hand and pulled the boy up. Lo and behold! He stood up and began to stretch his legs and eventually walk gently.

“Chinedu?” His mother cried out

“Yes Mama” the young man replied, and this made her kneel at his feet in tears saying “Thanks Sir. You must be an angel” the elderly woman thundered with her head bowed down.

“Only God should be thanked” he replied.

“Young man,God loves you! Don’t ever forget that.” He added and entrusted his hands with crisp currency notes.

“It was a funny crusade,they were tax collectors and nothing else,” he said laughing.

“Really? I wish I was able to attend..this night shift sucks” She lamented as she pulled off her labcoat and walked towards him,they were both seated in her convenient office.

“You look like you want to tell me something?” She asked and nibbled tenderly on his ear.

“Really? That’s great news! Even the American specialists are yet to find a cure yet, God is really great.” she said excitedly.

“I want you to meet these infirmed children,” she affirmed anxiously and led him into the various wards,there were many frail,emaciated and pale kids who filled up the wards.

“I hate seeing these innocent kids bound” he complained sadly.

“I know..that’s why I want you to heal them” she replied.

“Me? Why can’t you?” Wihout awaiting for any explanation,he breathed on her and she fell back on her chair.

“Now we can’t do that here,because the nurses and other doctors would complain, but,do this whenever you’re about to treat them. You have the power,Use it!”.

“Thanks dear,you almost made me faint. I think you should get going,its quite late. Can’t wait for you to heal more people tomorrow,I love you.” she uttered. After embracing and making out with themselves,he went home.

“You what?healed someone of cancer? How powerful has God made you?” Ayo teased lightly.

“We’ll attend tomorrow’s session together. Simon remarked with a big grin.

“How is our angel?” he asked.

“She’s fine but.. Mama’s reaction has hurt her deeply..coupled with the fact that her parents are afar..she looks hurt.”

“That’s sad,Mama is just being protective. She’ll loosen up in due time” he added assuringly.

He attended the second day’s session with Ayo and sighted several ministers from Ayetoro,he would have gone to meet with them but, ‘Pastor Alamu’s’ presence warded him off. There was an air of awkwardness he possessed that made Sims feel uncomfortable.

“Its getting quite boring,Let’s leave” he whispered to Ayo and they both stood up.

The moment they saw him on his feet,most of those who were infirmed prepared themselves,when he walked through the aisles,they all reached out to touch him. Even the minister on stage stopped preaching in an attempt to figure out what was going on.

They touched every part; from his head,shoulders,back,knees and feet. An elderly man who touched his feet gained potency in his legs and began to walk.

People were astonished,Ayo played the role of a makeshift body guard that day as he restricted people from pulling him down. After 35 minutes of pulling and touching,he got into the car with Ayo.

His suit and face had been soiled with sand and dirt and above all,he felt drained and weak. The moment his car exited the driveway people were running after him,some were thanking him while others were begging him for a ‘touch’ but,it was too late. The young man had fallen asleep on Ayo’s laps already.

He slept for hours and woke up looking pale.

“Before anything,get into a tub of warm disinfected water” Ayo requested and led him into the bathroom.

“He gets more powerful by the day” Ayo thought to himself.

The telephone rang whilst he was in the shower,it was Ireti.

“Heyyy dear! Simon isn’t here,he’s in the shower”

“Okay..I was just concerned when I didn’t see him today..he’s fine right?”

“Yes,kind of. I’ll ask him to call you when he gets out. Goodnight Dear!”

“Goodnight! Thanks..”

There was a most amazing miracle amongst the several that happened that night. A pilferer and pick pocket whose mother was blind also touched him,she picked his complimentary card from his back pocket since he pulled his suit jacket off. Her aim was to find a bit of money for food,but there was none. She took the card instead,hoping that she would visit his office for financial assistance.

For an unknown reason, the girl-Rose gave her mother the card so she could have a feel,the moment she held it her eyes got opened. In awe and gratefulness,she called Mama Chinedu who was the one that informed virtually every one she knew about this ‘living angel’.

“Shebi you can see it? I told you! he’s an angel!!” She said dancing. Several others came to thank her with gifts for giving them a description of ‘the living angel’ who administered healing, and the gospel to them.

He was in a board meeting when she walked into his office so she waited patiently for him. He excused himself from the meeting and went in to see her.

“You look handsome” She asserted and kissed him with her back against the wall.

“Why is my heart pale?” She asked him and flooded his face with pecks,he narrated the whole experience to her and she was stunned.

“I healed seven young kids today too. God is really good.” He held onto her again,with his head on her adequate bosom.

She kissed it lightly and said, ”Sweetheart..I’m travelling to South Africa for about two months.”

“Seriously? Please tell me you’re joking! Must you go? I need you by my side!” He said sadly.

“I’ve been putting it off for months,but I guess its unavoidable,my boss insists.” She kissed him passionately for minutes.

“I’ll be back before you know it. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me,I can’t wait to go and come back.” They held onto each other till closing hours, after which they went to an eatery and eventually home.

“See you in two months my love” she remarked emotionallly.

“I’ll be waiting.”

Due to the raging cholera epidemic in neighboring countries,several teams of doctors were sent to South Africa so they could receive adequate training on how to tackle the disease. Ireti felt sad and bored,she ached more and more for Sims each day.

The hospital where they were in Randburg felt like a cell to her,till she met a white twenty seven year old doctor named James.

He had an attractive outlook and he was the only friend she made in South Africa. They went everywhere together-from parks,to eateries and they also graced several events.

“You and this your white lover,” Shola, her colleague and friend teased.

“He’s not my lover,we’re just friends. My heart is in Lagos”

“Ahhh! Can men be trusted?” The lady asked.

Ire smiled to herself and uttered not a word.

“Its been seven weeks already! I feel like my heart is falling apart. Do you think she’s fine?” Simon asked Ayo with a worried expression.

“The mighty Sims is lovesick! I’m sure she’s fine. Worry not,she’ll soon be home” Ayo assured his friend.

“Where is he? Where is my baby? Didn’t I call your alleged ‘wife’ a harlot? Look at these photos! She knows how to pick them,her preys are always white.”

He picked them up and smiled,they were photos of her and James walking together,and another of her pecking him on the cheek.

“These don’t mean anything Mama.”

“Ayo! Your friend is blind,pls open his eyes so he can see” she replied angrily.

“I’m off to the salon with Shola,if anyone calls asking of me please tell them I’ll be back shortly.” She said to her colleagues including James.

Simon called late in the afternoon.

“Hello! This is Simon.Can I speak to Ireti?” He asked in his foreign accent.

After releasing loud yelps of laughter he replied “This is James.I’m sorry..we’re both having fun now and she doesn’t want to talk to you. Call back later.”

He couldn’t believe what he had just been told,but he gave no thought to it.

“Did my heart call?” She asked James when she got back from the salon.

“Simon right? He didn’t . And I’ve got good news for you” he added.


“I’m relocating to Nigeria”

“That’s great news dear!” She replied smiling.

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