A different story


When I heard the soft tentative “Kpom Kpom” at the door, I sprang to my feet and pushed open the raffia at the entrance and in time bent down to avoid connecting my head with the low door frame. Dooshima stood at the threshold holding her wrapper in her hand. The moonlight shone on her beautiful face and my heartbeat raced. It was the same wrapper I saw around her slender waist when I arrived. Now she was stretching her hand, offering it to me.
“Corper, use it to cover your body so you will not get cold” she said in her halting nasal English.
I collected the wrapper and waited.
“Sa Kpe”, she said and walked away. I watched her until she had entered her husband’s hut before I went into my room and sat on the wooden bed. This was not the story I had expected. Dooshima had altered the story by not coming naked. She had also failed to follow me into the room. I decided to wait and see if she would still come. Although, I was tired, I struggled to stay awake all night. It was until dawn before I fell into an annoying sleep.
“I hope you slept well” Iyua said when I joined him outside his hut. I stifled a yawn and adjusted the wrapper around my shoulder. I lied that I had slept well and washed my hands to engage the pounded yam and gengi soup in front of us. Halfway through the meal, Iyua said suddenly:
“You know corper, giving you my wife’s wrapper is a sign of my likeness and trust for you but some people elsewhere misinterpret it as a sign of having slept with my wife all night. Have you heard that story before?”
I lost my appetite.

6 thoughts on “A different story” by Omotayo (@spintomotayooo1)

  1. That tradition doesn’t exist anywhere in Nigeria, lol.
    No husband would willingly share their wife.
    I enjoyed your story @SPINTOMOTAYOOO1. It is one of the entries I have read that made me wish the word count was 400 or 500.
    I call on @ufuomaotebele @innoalifa @ivie9ja @Ugochukwu, @ameenaedrees. Please read and comment.

  2. I read this fantastic quick flash with relish…it’s like the beginning of an awesome novella…

  3. Folakemi Emem-Akpan (@Folakemi)

    Liked the beginning but the ending was a little bit too abrupt. I do understand about the word restrictions though

  4. Certified fresh… you did well here.

  5. Lol. ‘I lost my appetite’ packed the punch. I do agree that this is ‘fresh’. It is a different story. I had to read the story twice to get what the ‘story’ was. Kudos.

  6. Alozor Michael Ikechukwu (@EnigmatikPoet)

    Abrupt, yet a great read.

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