Dark fantasies 3

Emily stepped out of her CLS Mercedes benz, the brash harmattan wind harassed her legs, she wished she could wear long or knee length skirts like Chioma but they were two different individuals, where as Chioma is gentle and calm, Emily is as fiery as chilli pepper, her temper hotter than the sun and wildness like a lioness’s.

She wore a green Armani suit that complimented her auburn hair which matched her the colors of her eyes which made her appearance very distinctive. Her jimmy choo heels making click clack sound on the interlock as she made her way to the entrance

The clipping of Papa Gbedu had stopped, he held his equipment limply and gazed at Emily, he trimmed the flowers on Mondays and Thursdays and stopped every time Emily passed.

‘Morning Papa Gbedu.’ She greeted.

‘Good morin.’ He greeted back smiling and looking on till she disappeared behind the glass panel doors, then his clipping continued.

Her office was on the sixth floor of the 10 storey building, she proceeded to the elevator, she could feel the hard stares that came from all directions, she was used to it, in fact she knew they had dark fantasies about her.

‘Wait, hold it, hold it.’ She heard a voice say , she recognized the voice as Jide’s her colleague and she quickly hit the door button to close the lift but she was too late as Jide had wedged his hands and forced the door open. He was panting from running obviously just to join her in the lift.

Oh God this annoying man again.

‘Morning.’ He said gazing at her lustfully, ‘ you look hot and sexy and scintillating and sumptuous and…’

‘Morning Mr Akanbi.’ She greeted and cut him off, the lift couldn’t move fast enough.

‘You don’t have to be so formal, call me Jide, by the way, you bailed on me yesterday again.’

‘An  urgent work came up.’

‘Ahh you could have told me like call or texted me.’ He said.

Seriosly, I have to listen to this shit, move move.  She urged the elevator secretly.

‘I’d told you not to wait.’

‘How about today, after the meeting with the Ogas at the top.’

‘I have somewhere to be.’

‘Seems like you’re deliberately avoiding me.’

Hell yes I am deliberately avoiding you, can’t you read the signs idiot.

The lift stopped and the door opened, he still followed her though his office was at the other end.

‘Tomorrow then.’

‘Who plans for tomorrow, anything can happen.’

‘Okay I’ll wait for you at the cafeteria during lunch this afternoon.’

‘I would’ve said okay but you’ll have to wait out like yesterday again.’ She said, she reached her office finally but Jide put his hand across the door to prevent her from entering.

‘Emily what’s wrong with me?’

‘What’re you sayi…’

‘Why won’t you go out with me, am good looking, I earn alot, my parents are rich, I’ve got style so..’

‘Look Jide you can’t force me to feel something I dont, so please take your hands off my door I have work to do.’

He withdrew his hands and she got inside, but he still held the door to prevent her from closing it.

‘You know something Emily?’

‘No, you tell me.’

‘One day you’ll meet a man who will make you cry and grovel on your knees and he won’t give you a back glance.’

‘I hope so Jide, but certainly that man won’t be you.’ She said and shut the door on his face.



The interior of Premium care was as elegant as its exterior which had large pillars and a magnificent dome making it look like a palace in Rome.

Dr Njoku had established it as his retiring act  and service for his homeland after serving 20 years in the States and gathering alot of money from being a cardio thoracic surgeon, he decided to come back home and started his own private practice, but with all the foreign facilities only the extremely rich could afford it, people who weren’t really sick or terribly sick to be flown out of the country.

All the doctors were foreign trained and offspring of rich parents, it was more of a high class society than a hospital.

That was the reason Chioma decided to leave, to a place where her services were actually needed, to the hospital where half of her salary went because of their humanitarian services, where she could feel like she was actually saving lives. Breaking free from Dr Njoku who had a huge crush on her wasn’t easy, it didn’t matter to him that he was her father’s friend or that he’d known her since before she started wearing a bra or that he’d been a doctor since before she was in high school.

‘So will I be seeing you soon?’ Dr Njoku asked, he’d followed her outside.

‘Errmm not really, I will have to get familiar to the new clinic.’

‘Ohh I see, as it is, this one is not good enough.’

Oh God don’t let him start, I can’t  stand his ranting again.

‘Dr Njoku.’ She said politely.

‘Your keys.’ David said appearing from nowhere.

He met Dr Njoku’s hard gaze with a harder one.

‘Someone has to drive your old car home you since you’ll be cruising in your new Ferrari and you asked me.’ He said winking.

‘Of course, yes, yes I did, but there’s security let me help you start it , good night doctor.’ She said and hurriedly left.

‘Thanks for saving me.’

‘You’re welcome, I figured you needed it, I’ve driven your car before you don’t have to bother to show me anything.’

‘I know, but your car, how will you get home and to work tomorrow morning.’

‘Maybe I can help, I’ll drive one car.’ Goke said stepping out of the shadows, Chioma had almost forgotten he was there and wished he wasn’t.

‘And you’re?’ David asked with a frown.

‘Goke, my friend, he just got back from the States.’ Chioma answered, she still couldn’t understand why he had  chosen her of all people to come to.

‘I see, nice to meet you.’ David said stretching his hands though he wasn’t pleased, from the fleeting looks and nervous movements of both of them he knew they had history and an ex was the last thing he needed, Dr Njoku was enough competition already, if only he hadn’t messed up before.

‘Same here.’ Goke said stretching his hands reluctantly, he didn’t like David, he could sense his strong attraction towards Chioma and a wanna be boyfriend was the last thing  he needed, he had already messed up before.

As the three cars made their way out, with Chioma in her Ferrari she was thinking how she would face Emily with both Goke and David’s presence, the sun was still out but she knew they would meet traffic in central area and by the time they would enter Asokoro it would be quite late she put on her wireless head piece and put a call through to Mama Osi that they would have 2 more people at dinner, which she knew would turn into a drama thanks to Dr Njoku,  David had to follow her home and Goke had to return today, to her place, hell.

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