Dads Beads

Benue state-tivi
The warning sound of the kakaki coupled with the screams woke me up. We are being attacked was the first thought on my mind as I jumped off my mud bed and ran to my mother’s hut to wake her up. The horrible smell of smoke spurred me on.
“Mama wake up we are being attacked.” I screamed shaking her.
” Oh my gods.” she said now awake “go and pack your things
I ran out of her hut to pack my things hurriedly. I tied them in my wrapper but I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I was forgetting something. I came out and saw my mother waiting outside.
“Lets go.” she said running in the direction of the forest I followed with my bundle in my hands. five minutes later, I remembered what I had forgotten, my father’s hand bead I had injured my hand two days ago and had decided to remove it and keep it on the floor beside my bed. I was not going to leave it behind it was my dad’s only property that my greedy uncles didn’t take from us.
“Mama I am going back.”
“What are you mad they are killing people there.”
“Mama I forgot something I will meet you by the water fall.” I said already heading towards the hut.
I entered and saw it right where I left it I slipped it on my wrist and that’s when I heard the sound of footsteps. The gods save me there was no place to hide. I had to escape I moved toward the door and moved aside the mat covering my door and came face to face with the fierce looking soldiers. gods of our land please forgive me my sins, I prayed silently.
The end was near.

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  1. kaypols (@kaypols)

    that guy made a wrong decision by going back

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