Come, Stay With Me Forever

Every hour of every single day
My thoughts remind me of the way
We met and pledged our love to each other
As we shared every word and deed like no other

It was a day even my dreams can tell
As my every word narrates its loving tale
Of how nature’s all-seeing eyes blinked to our love
Saying you’re free to fly farther and further than the dove

Oh! Come and stay with me forever
For I am nothing without you, my angel
Come, my all, come and be with me forever
Making my life true, noble and whole forever

Would you say no, breaking my soul
Please I care also for your sublime soul
Breaking it is shattering and battering my life
And making us two caught in life’s roll of broken hearts

Oh! I love you more than poems and rhymes
More than vibes and mimes transcending lifetimes
Come, my soul’s heart, and stay with me for endless years
Beyond reasons and seasons, beyond the world’s sages and seers

Come, my love, and stay with me more than a while
Sharing our lives beyond life’s farthest miles
Sharing all we are and will ever be
Come, stay with me forever

14 thoughts on “Come, Stay With Me Forever” by innoalifa (@innoalifa)

  1. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    A song… reads like it. A pretty song I must say…

    1. Wow, I never thought of it as a song. In fact, I was only poeticizing. Thanks for seeing the song in between the lines.

      You are highly appreciated, @ufuomaotebele :)

  2. Kosnie (@Kosnie)

    Innoalifa #NaijaSeries #GreatPoet Thumps up Bro

    1. @Kosnie, I’m speechless!

      Thanks a million for stopping by :)

  3. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @innoalifa. The raw emotion is great. This is very sweet to read, plus there is a performance to the structure – a flow that accentuates the poem itself. My best line here was:

    “Come, my love, and stay with me more than a while
    Sharing our lives beyond life’s farthest miles
    Sharing all we are and will ever be”

    It’s the most ambitious line in here, and I just like it. Well done, bro. Keep poeticizing! Loll

    1. @omoniyi-adeshola, cheery thanks for the lucid description of the poem. Poetry is the deployment of words at their best and your understanding of it tells of your passion for it. Although written and enjoyed by a few, as Odia Ofeimun opines, it continues to perpetuity.

      Keep writing! Keep poeticizing!!

  4. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)


    1. @ihenyengladysusile, I love this word, “poemilicious”

      Thanks for dropping by….

  5. kay (@kaymillion)

    i am practically seeing my self in these lines (in @ufuomaotebele ‘s voice)

    really enjoyed this….. thumbs up @innoalifa

    1. @kaymillion, I’m glad you enjoyed this like a delicious soup…

      Thanks for reading, commenting and commending :)

    2. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

      ahahahahah @kaymillion in my voice shey…

      1. @ufuomaotebele, if not yours, who’s dear? [smiles]

  6. Aminat (@Aminat)

    I’m not really a fan of poetry but I think I like this one @innoalifa I think you are building my interest.

    1. If I’m able to drag you to the poetic pitch, I think it will be an achievement of no small measure. I want to read your poetic vibes, better don’t keep me waiting for so long, @aminat :)

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