Adventures to Love (5)

Lunch was good, see understatement; it was amazing. Bode had a wonderful sense of humor and confidence to accompany his good looks, but yet there was something humble about him.
This is too good to be true. I thought to myself on our way back to the hospital. This was something you don’t get to experience every day. By the time we got back to the hospital, we had an emergency meeting which was about the surgery that needed to be done that night.  It was no longer a night surgery; we had to get it done immediately due to Mrs Kofo’s health.

After a long and successful surgery, the night was young but the ache in my foot and back forced me to the confines of my home. As I got home, I saw my sister’s car parked outside.
“Oh no, not tonight o.” I muttered in anguish.

Since my sister already had the keys to my place, she needs not to call to let me know she was coming over for the night.

Entering into the hallway, I could smell her kitchen practical’s as soon as I opened the door.

“Welcome o.” She yelled from the kitchen.

“Thanks, weytin happen? You waka come my side today?” I yelled back.
When I moved to the states with my family, my sister was already in her late teenage years and she kept in touch with most of her friends, and moved back to Nigeria as soon as she finished her masters at the age of twenty four. That was how learning Pidgin English came about. We had same friends, and shared everything with each other; well I guess she robbed off on me.

“Haba! Must something happen first before I can come to see my sister ni?” she asked as she walked into the living room where I had helplessly thrown myself on the sofa.

“Abeg, before nko. Which day have you come here without any gist or need? Plus you are cooking; we both know you only do that when you have a favor to ask.”

“Well… Yes and no.”

“Yes and no?”

“Well you see, yes, there is a favor I was going to ask. And no, I did not cook just merely warming up the food.”

“Warming food? from where?”

She sat down beside me. “Sewa…”

“This is serious o. You are even calling my name?”  She frowned at me “Oya talk.”

“Chidi made the food.” She said, throwing me off guard.

“What? How?  Where? When?” I was shocked.

“That’s why he is back in Lagos.”

“What has that now got to do with me?”

“Babe, let me finish na.”

“Fine!” I sighed.

“Well he is now a highly ranked chef, both in the U.S. and the U.K., he plans to be successful in Nigeria just as well. He is working with my fiancé’s marketing company. Chidi and Ola have been family friends from their birth.”

This is just great, my sister’s fiancée, Ola and my ex are best friends. “Just my luck.”

“But why is his food in my kitchen?”

” Well… hmm he is going to be catering for my wedding, so I had a meeting with him earlier today and I told him I would be seeing you later today.  He prepared so much food so you could try it too.”

I had a feeling she was not telling me everything I needed to know, but who cares? I was too tired to be bothered with what Chidi had done with his life, I waddled to my room so I could shower. After a very good shower, I felt some kind of happiness which I could not explain.  I sat at the edge of my bed as I wore my night gown, removing the wet towel off.  Thoughts of Chidi made its way back, I caught myself smiling
“Stop o. What am I doing?  Oh no that road is blocked.” I crawled to bed and passed out as soon as I closed my eyes…

“Chidi.” Last word from my mouth.

Bright and warm the weather was, as I made my way to the hospital after lunch with my sister.  I must confess the food was delicious, and I could care less who made it but looking at my sister who really needed my opinion on the food made me not pick on what he could have done better.

I arrive at the same time as Bode was getting something out of his car.

Nice butt, it’s so cute, I thought to myself.
“Good afternoon.”  I said stepping out of the car. He turned to see who it was, his eye widened, and I could tell he was checking me out from head to toe.

“Hello beautiful. ”

“Hello handsome.” I replied with a wink and turned to walk in, then he grabbed me by my arm and spun me around I thought I was going to fall but I landed safely in his strong muscular arms and he kissed me.

My eyes grew wider but not for long before they betrayed me by closing. Then I realized where I was so I pushed him away.

“Am sorry but I could not contain myself anymore.”

Still dazed “Okay.” It was a whisper.

“I have been wanting to do that since the night I first laid my eyes on you.”

“What stopped you?” He looked at me surprised and smiled.

“Will you do me the honor of having dinner with me tomorrow?”

“Sure.” I was feeling very blunt. One word answers. I needed time to get myself together after the kiss.

“Awesome, you just made my day. I’ll pick you up say 6pm?”

“Sounds like a plan.” This time, I turned around slowly just in case there was a round two of that firework-knees-bending kiss. Sewa, Sewa, sewalistic of life, I hailed myself in my head as I cat walked into the reception area of the hospital.

“Na wa o. Sewa the babe.” a voice echoed bringing me back to reality; It was Toyin.
“Aha Toyin, I did not see you there.”

“How would you see me, after a mouth to mouth wrestling like that.”

“You saw that?”

“No o, I was just watching a new series of doctors in love featuring you and Bode.” She busted out laughing as she ran away. God saved her I was wearing my heels, if not…

A text message came in from Toyin, “Madam by the way. Another fine bobo dey wait for your office. P.S. what is your secret?  Me sef want one fine bobo na.”

Giggling as I walked into my office, my smile was wiped off when I opened the door to see who it was.


“Chidi you just won’t stop, now would you?” I asked as I dropped my purse on my work desk.

“No this time I came for something better.” He began to slowly get on one knee.

“Wait, what sort of nonsense is this?” he wasn’t listening to me, he was completely down on his 2 knees! The guy had totally lost all his senses! He was about placing his right hand into his pocket to retrieve what I knew to be a ring when I yelled.

“Don’t you dare!”

“Hey, chill.” He brought it out; a car key. I stood there watching him with my mouth wild open.

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  1. Loool….ring fire…hmmm bode gat moves..

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      Lol, abi na, thanks for reading.

  2. Hmmmm whose car?

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      Lol, abi na, thanks for reading.

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    Next installment please I can’t wait…Hmmmm lol & new series of doctors in love

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  4. Olodo Chidi. Must she speak chinese before you understand say she no dey into you again?
    Bode is stealing my moves!! Ama sue him. LOL!
    Nice one.

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      Ikr chidi is really something. thanks for reading. Bode moves lol

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    hmmm, this was good, waiting for the next

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    Chidi! Nooooooo gerrrrout of my office. Bode is the new captain of our heart lol. I hope this girl doesn’t get confused. Lol I’m too involved in this story. Oh correction in the last sentence it should be that her mouth was wide open not wild open. OK I’m ready for part 6 in fact just bring out all the parts at one time :-) lol

    1. Dolapo (@OmoD)

      Abi o,thanks for reading. Lol all the parts at once, can you handle that? @ivie9ja

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