Story Review: Coffee And Resolutions

Story Review: Coffee And Resolutions

Author’s background:

The story was contrived by Pamela Naaki T. The second part; coffee and mistakes, was written by a friend but she resumed with this, which is the last of ‘the coffee series.’

She really is a brilliant writer. She knows how to wrap words with emotions in her pieces. Most of her short stories are never really nonplussing. Smooth.

Story Excerpts:

She was walking away. It was oddly funny watching her storm off, little clumps of sand flying up from her heels and hitting the back of her knees. He waited until she had reached the main road, then he bent and picked up her damp, forgotten shoes and started after her. She shot him a murderous glance as he approached her. There they stood, side by side in the light of the moon, her gritting her teeth and flicking black looks in his direction, him smiling back.

‘Why did you do it? Pretend to be Richard?’

‘Your smile.’


‘Your smile isn’t bullshit. It is incredible.’

She snorted inelegantly and turned away. Then after a few seconds she half turned, flung a half smile in his direction and said, ‘So, what’s your name, anyway?’

Story Overview:

The twist in the story is revealed here. Richard and Margaret were in different coffee houses apparently. Started with Margaret walking around a beach with the saxophonist, conversing. From their chats, she noticed that he didn’t match up with the picture she had imagined. The afro he said he began keeping again, the never-mentioned rough beards and many other inconsistencies. She then proceeded with a test and got a shocker.

Richard on the other hand, still at the coffee house was approached by the lady he had been staring at, thinking she was Margaret. They had a one-to-one that was quite revealing and he discovered that he had been waiting at a wrong place all along; still due to her seemingly friendly nature, he continued with talking to her.

Margaret now obviously pissed, walked away but was pursued by the saxophonist. She challenged him but he handled it well, so they continued conversing. Those were the resolutions the title of the story hinted at.

Story rating:

 The style, grammar and tense usage were on point. The twist (the apparent misconceptions) to the story just did it for me. Loved it absolutely. It was very fluid as well.

The conversations were presented the very way it could be said out; with stuttering and uncertainty portrayed as well.

The switch in scenes in the story was superb, from Margaret’s angle to Richards and back.

Also, it seemed the less the length, the easier it was to dazzle. 871 words was a good fit with the intent and structure of the piece.

The title was fine this time. Story did not appear rushed. Pamela described the characters and scenes well enough and answered certain questions that may have arose in the course of reading the first and second part of the story.

Richard was the one who sent the text, after ruminating for long, to Margaret. Yet, it was surprising that he was the one who still was at the wrong place. The writer could have chosen him to be the one that erred since he recently returned to Ghana.

However, the story ended without a pointer to how they met. Yes, Richard schooled in the US before returning to Ghana. Margaret owned a beauty salon she rarely visited nowadays, they talked on phone extensively and sent texts to one another but wouldn’t it been splendid to mention/hint at how they met? Well, a piece can’t say everything. editorial team therefore rates this piece solely as 75%. The series generally was awesome.


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  1. I’m drawn to read the story itself. This is a good review and as a lover of words, I would love being mesmerized by the writer’s words.

    This is a good review, @cedaraustine :)

  2. Cool. I’ll check it out.

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