The Single Parent

The Single Parent

The alarm on the chest to her bed rang, it was already 5:40 am and so the day’s activity led to begin. She slowly got out of bed and fell to her knee’s to pray. Reluctantly, Neon walked over to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for her kids who would be up in no time. … Continue reading The Single Parent

Mirror! Mirror! On The Wall

22nd October, 2052 Hi Diary I woke up feeling crazily excited about the day. I was going camping with Tosin and I couldn’t wait as I tried on my new dress and walked to the mirror. There before me, I noticed my reflection was gone…. the horror!. I couldn’t find it anymore, instead stood a … Continue reading Mirror! Mirror! On The Wall

A Time full of Love

1. She was quite easily the most beautiful girl I knew, but when I asked her out and she said ‘No’ to me, I was glad. As I walked away from her right after, I heard her friends, clustering back about her, giggling, perhaps mocking; I ignored them – simply got into my car and … Continue reading A Time full of Love