Orunmila’s Letter-Episode. 25-Courtship

They remained entangled as their mouths worked tenderly and passionately. Her mouth went down his neck and her hands raked through his hair. His hands rested in the back pockets of her fitted trousers,and he nibbled on her tiny nose.

“When did you start wearing glasses?Its not recommended is it?”

“No..but it fits me doesn’t it?” She asked coyly.

“Anything does.”

They kept making out in the kitchen,and expressing the lovelorned passion they had suppressed for years. Two buttons of hers popped open,an attempt to kick things up a notch. He kissed her bare chest,fixed her buttons and let go.

“You always make me lose myself” He confessed to her with a peck.

“Same here..Oh My God! Its after twelve..” She exclaimed after hearing the clock chime.

“Seriously? I guess asking my driver to leave was a great idea…”

“Yeah..I do too..”

They watched a love sequel for hours with a bit of popcorn and romance between them.

“I can’t wait to call you mine forever” he whispered and tears ran down her eyes.

“I can’t wait either..” She claimed his mouth once more on the couch. They both went to bed in separate rooms but couldn’t really sleep as thoughts ran through their minds.

“Good morning my love” he vocalized sweetly as he dragged her out of bed.”I was too excited to sleep.Let’s pray.”

“You don’t have to prepare breakfast for me….Africans don’t really do that..”

“I’m not an African….and my love hates the kitchen so….its my duty”

“What am I supposed to be doing? Watching you?”

“Yeah…me or the tv. I would be glad if you pick the tv…you make me nervous..”

“Okay then…tv it is”

There was a knock at the door,the security guard dropped the newspapers for the day at the doorstep. She didn’t like what she saw at the mid section.

“Why do you look like you’re hiding something from me. Are you?” He asked as she assisted in cleaning up the kitchen.

“You’re just being paranoid. This smells good.” He made chicken sandwiches and oatmeal pancakes.

“This is really delicious…you’ll make me gain extra pounds and get bigger when we get official,” She said as her lips clung to his once more.

“I need to make an urgent call,I”ll be right back.” Ireti added.

“What’s wrong? Why does my baby look sad?” She asked as she climbed down the flight of stairs hurriedly.

“The papers….you saw them right? That was what you were hiding? The press now knows I was once insane…and I think it would be a big turn off for my career.”

The entertainment headline was thus “Mr Simon Braithwaite..Mad or Made?”

“Don’t let them get to you…I think its easier and better this way…..so everyone can know you’re a living testimony” she remarked with a blush. “How many ‘sane’ people have achieved a third of what you have?”

“I think that’s why your mum dislikes me….” He replied consciously.

“And that’s why I’m so in love with you….I want your alleged ‘insanity’ to be a part of me for life” she said as their hands and mouths worked passionately.


“Do you have to leave?” She asked with a sad facial expression.

“I’m afraid I have to…I’m sure grandma thinks I’ve already planted a baby inside of you” he replied with a bright smile.

“I love you…. See you soon” he rounded off with a kiss to her lips and forehead.

“I need to get an engagement ring” he soliloquised as he got into a cab.


He returned home after visiting the office by 6:15 pm.

“Where have you been? When did you start walking recklessly? Is it because of what those evil people wrote about you?” His grandma asked him lots of questions all at once.

“You saw that too? It didn’t get to me Ma,I’m fine”

“Then where were you?”

“I’ll tell you about that when Ayo gets back. I have news for you both” Simon said to his shrunken grandmother.

“Ehen? Good or bad?”The elderly woman asked.

“It depends on your perspective Ma” he went to freshen up and pray while he awaited Ayo’s arrival.

“Please make her understand Lord,I don’t want the women I love most in the world to get hurt..” He prayed on his knees.

“What are you saying? Did I hear you correctly?” The little woman wearing an orange kaftan stood up in disapproval.

“Calm down Ma,” Ayo urged as he tried to pacify her .

“Ahh! How can I be calm when your friend wants to kill me with hypertension?”

“You can’t die or get hypertensive,I just told you I want to get engaged to Ireti.” Simon answered respectfully.

“And I’m saying you can’t marry her,you can’t kill yourself in my presence. You hear? When I die you can try that,but not now. Even if you’ve impregnated her, my decision still remains final” she yelled and panted heavily.

“Then maybe I should just leave before I make you feel bad…Bye”

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“I’m off to see my fiancee..I’ll be back late in the night Ma. I don’t want to cause you any more discomfort.”

He arrived a few minutes after the doctor returned from work,she was still wearing her work clothes when he got in.

“Hug Alert! I reek of drugs and injections. That’s what you get for falling in love with a doctor,”

“Well..I don’t care” he said as his mouth claimed hers.

“What’s with your voice?”

“I’ve got the flu” she yelled from the kitchen.

“Really?come, let me touch you”

“Nooo..don’t touch..I want you to nurse me back to health..no instant healing.” She returned with a glass of water and mistakenly bit his lip whilst their mouths were convening.

“I’m sorry for biting you..its my nature..I’m a vampire..” She feigned a wicked expression.

“Well,I love vampires”. He replied, after which they clung to one another.

“You don’t look happy.. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing really..I’m just stressed..”

“What’s stressing my baby?talk to me,” She asked as she unknotted his black tie playfully.

“Its grandma…she doesn’t want me to keep seeing you” he answered sadly.

“Seriously? And I thought she liked me..but..please don’t be sad. What are we gonna do?”

“Nothing..I’m not going home till she changes her mind” he answered with a frown.

“This is quite serious..I think I should make you a soup first,you’re terribly cold.”

She spoonfed him till the potato soup was finished and then they resumed their conversation.

“Look at me” she ordered as she stared into his beautiful eyes. “Let’s relax a bit and then we’ll both go and see Mama..I don’t want her to feel hurt and lonely..I know she’s doing this because she loves you”

“I’m not going..” He replied stubbornly ..

“Yes you are..” she rejoined and claimed his mouth passionately with hers.

“Your lips won’t make me change my mind..”

“Oh! Yes they will!” And indeed, her lips changed his mind.

“What can I wear? I don’t want to look odd…”

“Then, let me pick something.” He picked out a lengthy black gown that accentuated her African curves perfectly.

“I’m ready!” Ireti affirmed loudly several minutes later.

“Ready? Where are your earrings? And you’ve run out of lipstick?”

“I don’t wanna look overdressed..”

“Well.. I don’t want you to look weird” he said with a peck.

” Please tell Mama that I’m on my way home with someone” He ordered over the telephone.

“Look! I told you oga white was arguing with mama over a girl..she’s out of the car already.”

“Okayy..she’s the princess! I can see them”

“Let’s go and arrange the kitchen for dinner,so we can also listen in on them” Sumbo the senior maid ordered and the three maids ran hurriedly to their kitchen posts.

“I’m nervous..”

“Don’t be..nothing can happen..” Simon assured her.

“And the angel has arrived!” Ayo exclaimed happily.

“Good evening Ayo”. She replied with a smile as they shared a brief hug.

“Good evening Mama” she greeted on her knees

“Good evening my Princess,please rise. You don’t mind having dinner with us..do you?”

“I don’t Ma”

Grandma and son chose not to speak to one another, they casted stolen glances at one themselves, but not a single word was uttered.

The love birds sat opposite one another,with her legs rested on his beneath the table. The atmosphere was cold,words weren’t uttered till Patricia came in.

She was quite overdressed for the occasion,her skin tight leather dress suited her perfectly.

“Good evening all” she greeted as a maid pulled out the chair next to Sims for her to sit.

“Good evening my love..how is my friend?”

“She’s fine Ma!” The lady answered with a threatening smile.

“Ireti..you fix your nails?” The elderly woman asked when the young lady flashed her beautiful artificial nails.

“Yes Mama”

“Both hands?”

“Yes Ma!”

“Why is that so? Don’t you cook?”

“Not really..I don’t really like cooking Ma. But I do, often times.” She answered in her foreign accent

“That’s surprising..I didn’t know women were allowed to hate cooking” The elderly woman emphasised strongly. The air was tensed for Ireti.

“I heard you’re a doctor…”

“Yes Ma,I’m a paediatrician..I treat kids”

“Did you have to define that for me? I’m not an illiterate anymore my dear..my grandson employed a teacher to enlighten me,” she replied sarcastically.

“Where do you work?…”

“The federal community hospital..”

“Federal?I was expecting it to be a privately owned hospital..so you’re that good? Why didn’t you pick a private clinic?”

“Ahhh! This meal is really good” Ayo interrupted gently in an attempt to halt any further questioning.

“Sunmbo’s meals are always good Ayo! Now, let the Queen answer me!!” The elderly woman said smiling. Sims’ legs soothed Ire’s affectionately beneath the table.

“I chose the federal because it provided me with more opportunity to help treat the kids in the inner cities whose parents can barely afford to pay medical bills. And they close earlier than private clinics,my shift ends by 3 pm. I don’t want to come home late when I get married and have children”

“Why? You can’t cook or clean,even if you can..you hate the kitchen don’t you? What kind of mother would you be? Can that womb even produce kids?” Patricia laughed loudly at the woman’s comment.

“That’s enough Mama! I won’t let you insult her..I most certainly can’t stand that” Simon affirmed with a frown.

“Insult? I’m just stating the obvious” everyone had stopped eating but Patricia.

Sims stood behind Ire’s chair and held her hand while she stood up.

“Please wait for me in the living room,I want to speak to you all” his grandma requested.

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