‘In Our Minds’

In our minds
half bread is better than none and we were contented with that
Until we went out and found ‘none’
in the market and on the street Where
morality and reasoning don’t frequent
and tongues roam exuberantly unrestrained by thought
injustice and unbalanced scales run an onslaught
where mama’s buns are seasoned with diseases
and her sons, heavy and bitter like the stout that they drink
because papa sold all their lands to the government
in exchange for a little change and their school fees
but papa couldn’t send them to school
the government increased the price of bread and oil
They then take the towns and the name – touts

so in our minds
half bread just isn’t enough
for a single drop cannot make an ocean
And our stomachs have grown bigger like the pockets of politicians
and their collection of lies
But it is better than none
accident prone roads better than bush paths
Slime Loaded Urban MansionS with leaking roofs better than the stately starry skies
Overpriced boreholes better than the native streams
Viciously corrupt government better than anarchy
in short,
misery better than death
but In our minds we’d rather not have ‘none’ of it
We’d handle the price if food, rotten but can feed eight
We can handle the lies, obtuse but can relate
To what we do know
bear the debilitating exhaust, rusted metal and uneven road
if it can take me to Kano

in our minds
half bread doesn’t satisfy but massages the jaws
The Democratic government doesn’t qualify
but at least we have the laws

thank you for reading

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5 thoughts on “‘In Our Minds’” by kay (@Kay0496)

  1. Yo, this was tyte @kay0496, really good stuff, and true. Thumbs up.

    1. thanks for reading… really appreciate

  2. This is one poem that’s as thick as a cup of cocoa over-flooded with a tin of milk…
    The type you read more than once to sip in its creative juice the way you suck in the salted water in between bones from a piece of meat.

    Deep…retrospective…thought provoking

  3. Reality expressed in potent words.
    This is good poetry!

  4. Nice one here….1.

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