Igun’s Memoir 1

Well, it wasn’t really my fault. It was my body’s. It couldn’t just control it. In fact, it wasn’t the fault of my body alone. She was just simply irresistible.

Imagine, how could a man behold those her features with his eyes and turn away. It was just impossible. The soft look of her body always made me to crave to have a feel of her. The way her buttocks swayed in those tight skin-fitted leggings of hers always caused my eyes to ‘shook’. What’s most irresistible is her boobs. I didn’t know if it was due to the way she packed hers or their size. I didn’t know. I can’t really say. What I know is that hers were special. The sight of them always made me wish I could be reborn with her as my mother, so that I could have a feel and full-fill of those succulent tantalizing pounds of flesh. How I envy her children-to-be. I wish say she be my mama, at least with that I can hide behind the veil of innocence of infancy. Agh! Children dey enjoy ooo.

As if that one no do. Whenever she opened her mouth to talk, it always seemed the trumpet of the last day is blown. It always made me un-ease and ironical at peace at the same time. Her voice is so sonorous and clear, as if she was singing whenever she talked. Her voice was so distinct that even in my grave, I would recognize her voice.

Well, little did I know that these things which I struggled each time to repress were not actually being repressed; in fact they were just piling up like condescend water to be rained down as violent storm.

To make the matter worse, anytime I resolved to man-up and try to resist her, that’s when she showed up and before I knew what was happening all my defenses would suddenly collapse.

After much failed attempts on repressing those strong urges, I arrived at a new resolution. At least, I be man, so I tried asking her out. I know my chances of receiving a yes for an answer is very slim. However, I was bent on trying. You know, just to try my luck.

To say the truth, it wasn’t immediately after my resolved to ask her out, I went to her. It took about two months of rehearsing what to say and how to say them, and another few weeks of actually summing out enough courage to walk up to her.

Well. I wasn’t surprised when I received an¬†emphatic NO! for an answer. But what surprised me was what followed. The truth is she never actually said no with her mouth but the whole scenario¬†echoed the NO.

If she had said No even with the addition of the whole emphasis in the world, it would have been better. But she didn’t just reject my proposal. She didn’t stop there. She did something surprising. She added a re-vibrating slap to stamp her non-verbal NO, and as well a made a public disgrace of me. To make the matter worse, most of her friends were there when it happened, and trust girls with the way they like to mock guys especially one with an unfortunate status like me.

That day was terrible. I felt like begging the earth to open up for me, just for me to hide my face in it. I didn’t know how I got home that day but from that day henceforth everything changed:

Love changed to Hate,
Lust had its reasons to manifest by all means,
And her ‘big-girl’ swags gave way to awkward
As well as her shame stigmatized her.

That day with my tail in-between my legs, I resulted to sulking and at the end I took succor in just one thing: REVENGE …

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  1. Entrapped by emotions, the writer is sharing his innermost feelings as he writes this memoir. I’m surely following the series.

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