A Hag-seed Bumbles

A Hag-seed Bumbles

Why babble
In bramble
We wobble
In grumble
Thus we gibe in warble
‘Free-free me from tomb of tumble’

Why wiggle and wriggle
In struggle
We waggle
To the stake of mangle
Just giggle
And from storm wriggle
In jungle to the bangle
Of haggle of struggle
To live or die like a bubble
That flees to sky to be a gas.
So look, for from Mast
Sound ‘The Single Jingle of an owl’

One thought on “A Hag-seed Bumbles” by SUNNYDEMAJESTY (@SUNNYDEMAJESTY)

  1. I love the use of words
    breaking my heart’s cords
    as I live not like bubble
    as I daily struggle

    keep writing fellow :)

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