Green White Green

This Nigeria that people spoke of was not the Nigeria she knew

Nigeria was the welcoming scent of burning fire wood
Firewood that cooked her favorite things,
Suya, roasted fish, corn, bole and akara

Nigeria was fat generous aunties who hugged you with omo scented wrappas bound about their bodies

Nigeria was hot blazing dry seasons
And thunderous cleansing rainy seasons

Nigeria  was loud market women with hot sleeping babies wrapped about thier backs

Nigeria was excited school children crowded around icecream bikes

Nigeria was knowing your neighbors first name last name and family history

She could smell the wet earth and the dry dust in her memories

Nigeria the earth itself had not betrayed her or the people
So she couldn’t understand why the people blamed the land for the alleged robberies the ritual killings, the bribery, the corruption, the oil washed shores the joblessness the hunger the frustration and even for the Boko Haram and morcently Ebola

“That dead country”. They would say

She couldn’t understand

As far as she was concerned it was not the land who had betrayed the people
People who had betrayed the land


7 thoughts on “Green White Green” by ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

  1. Hmmmmm so sad…Nigeria our Nation our Pride ???

  2. Aah, the ice-cream bikes. Nice poem Ivie.

  3. Hmm!

    Lovely poetry with a though-provoking message.
    I especially like the last line which was the final ‘Gbam’! of the poem.
    Your presentation of scenarios was like a beautiful collage of traditional painting all spread out in its resplendence.
    And then in one collected paragraph we see the curses of the land – a breath of fresh air as reality dawns on how its the people that have actually failed the land.


  4. Thanks @afronuts this poem was truly from the heart so I appreciate that you share my sentiment

  5. Rhoiy (@Roy-journals)

    I like this very much. Nigeria today is the total fault of the Nigerians today, myself included. This is very factual. There is Nothing not to love.

  6. @roy-journals I shamelessly love Nigeria and hope to return permanently one day. Even though everyone thinks I’m crazy to do so lol

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