Flames of vengeance : 14

With time she almost overtook my wife’s portion in my heart, the more I tried to get out the more I was sucked in, I stopped noticing my wife, even if she wore silk or bathed in perfume, I avoided her because I didn’t want to beat her up, she always end up making me do just that, she has a quality of annoying me like sleeping off in the palour, checking my phone, dirtying the room, she knows I hate all that yet she still does them.

Unfortunately for us both, she had seen Nadia’s message though I saved her name as Leila, and she decided to break our mirror just the kind of thing she’ll do, I ended up slapping her and she infuriated me more casusing herself to get a dose which ended her up in a hospital loosing a child for the third time, in such situations I felt so ashamed I couldn’t bring myself to stay in that hospital room with her, so I just leave as soon as I come stating a meaningless excuse.

After that I tried as much as possible to avoid her, but one strange day she woke up early, something she has never done, I saw her with our kids and she asked me to eat, I was left wondering if she was alright.

She didn’t stop at that she went as far as ruining my clothes in attempted laundry, and almost burnt down the house in cooking, what kind of a woman cooks and the entire kitchen gets burnt had I not arrived in time and noticed the smoke, she could have hurt herself.

My dear wife never says thank you, only if the gift is to her liking in which case it has to worth thousands of dollars, she was raised a princess and intended living as one at all cost, she speaks her mind if your gift is too cheap as with your clothes and everything. She never says please either, apologising is not her way of life, so I was surprised when she texted me she liked the perfume I bought her, I did’nt, my PA buys her gifts, with the a criteria of what ever is most expensive at the time.

So my surprise had no bounds when my sister called me that she came to apologise and I knew instantly that she was upto something, I just didn’t know what so I asked her and she said she was trying to salvage our marriage, she was at it and she changed considerably and she started giving me attention. The day her sister ran away, I could feel her pain and somehow the lost glory days of our marriage returned.

I know what my wife likes, expensive stuff especially expensive cars so I bought her what I knew she would appreciate on our anniversary, A Ferrari , and she loved it, she surprised me too with a romantic dinner.

‘You can’t just leave me like that.’ Nadia said when I told her we had to stop seeing eachother, we’ve had that conversation before and she always wins.

‘Nadia you have to understand, I can’t do this anymore it’s sinful, think of what would happen if Ladidi ever found out.’

‘She won’t, we’ll be discreet, like we always have.’ She pleaded.

‘No, not this time, I’m serious.’

‘What would become of me.’ She said looking devastating.

‘You have to understand, what if you were Ladidi how would you feel.’ She was silent and I just couldn’t imagine what was running through her mind.

This time I will be firm I must stop cheating on my wife, if she’s making an effort I should too.

Nadia was not making it easy for me, infact she claimed to be seeing things that are not there like blood writings on her mirror that disapear at instances in fact she’s been acting deluded like she was on dope or something, the more I tried leaving the worst she got.


One fine day, I went to work just like every other day and everything else was normal, until Mudassar my financial director came into my office sweating and my office is fully air conditioned.

‘Muddasar what is it, is your wife in labour?’ He gave me a look and ignored my statement.

‘There is a big problem.’


‘Our accounts have been hacked.’

‘What is that, some kind of prank, April has passed.’

‘No we’re going bankrupt, this morning all figures came crashing down, I thought our computers were faulty.’

‘That is not possible, we’ve the best cyber security, it’s not possible.’

‘Yes,I don’t know how but a professional yahoo boy has hacked it stolen half of our entire money.’

‘How is that even possible, money can’t just fly out of our accounts.’

‘I don’t know but money has gone missing via net transfer.’

I fell on my chiar, my dad entrusted his company to me, I made it flourish and now  we’ll all be broke?

‘What do we do, how do we find the money?’

‘We’ll have to investigate, your father and Ahill are co owners they have to be informed.’

My heart was racing, Ahill will finally say that he said so, he should’ve been the boss.

‘Do what ever you have to do Mudassar.’

My phone rang, I ignored but it kept on ringing I took it and smashed it. I was still thinking of what do to get out this mess when Mudassar came back.

‘Sir they’re debts that could run us down faster.’

‘Of course there should be, whats your point.’ I snapped.

‘We should return that Ferrari and your Bentley muslanne, they were actually bought on installments, that will free us from some millions of dollars.’

‘I already said you should what you’ve to do.’

My secretary came in.

‘Can’t you knock?’

‘I have been knocking since, Sir pls do you know any Miss Nadia Muktari.’

‘What, how the hell did she know about Nadia

‘Seems like your cell phone is switched off, We got a call from a hospital that you’re listed as her next of kin and she’s been involved in an accident.’

I rushed to the hospital, I was shocked, they said her tire busted and her car went over the bridge but she was rescued on time but in pretty bad shape. I settled the bills and was about leaving when Mudassar came into the hospital panting.

‘Where is your phone?’ He asked.

‘I don’t know.’ Remembering I threw it in my office.

‘Your house is on fire.’

‘What!!!, how, my house or the office.’

‘No your house where you live is burning.’

Together we rushed home and behold my house was on fire but hopefully only the left wing, I rushed inside shouting for my wife.

‘She don travel.’ My gateman said.


‘Yes she and the pikins and Ladi.’

I went inside, firefighters were already taking care of the fire I found my wife’s phone and a note beneath it, I picked it up before I could read it I heard a loud honk, door banging and brash footsteps.

‘Ahill why are you angry.’ I asked as he stepped in menacingly.

‘You whore.’

‘Ahill am a man, you don’t call men that. ‘

‘Who cares for your english, you’re a disgrace, in fact you’re dead.’

‘Ahill I can explain and I will get out this mess.’ , he laughed a terifing laughter, I was wondering how badly the missing money affected him.

‘Not bad, porn star.’ He said with a sly smile and left.

Pornstar? What the hell is Ahill talking about, my hands began to sweat, I noticed the note and it read, “ I know you’re sleeping with my friend, but it could’ve been anyone but Nadia???” I was still shaking  and thinking how Ladidi found out, and could she have run away when Mudassar tapped me mercilessly.

‘Boss I need to show you something.’

‘Wait first Mudassar, I need to check something.’ I rushed to our bedroom and checked my wife’s closet, her clothes didn’t seem missing but I found visa applications, I knew she had left me.

‘Mudassar today is the blackest day of my life, my business is ruined, my girlfriend could be dead by now, my house is on fire and my wife left with my kids.’ I placed both my hands on my head.

‘I’m dead.’ I added.

Boss.’ Mudassar’s voice came.

‘The day has not black finish O!!’

‘What is left, all is lost.

‘One more thing, me and many others received a video of you, may be your wife saw it too.’ I checked her phone immediately and I did see a video of me and Nadia, porn video, Ahill had seen it too and came to gloat, Ladidi had seen this, even Mudassar and many others, a sharp pain cut across my chest and I went into oblivion.

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  1. Ihunanya (@LONE)

    Hmmm, pay back time. It’s like you were in a haste on this and didn’t proof-read enough. Some wrong spellings. It won’t stop me from following a good story though.

  2. oxymorontalks (@oxymoron93)

    hmmmm. ASAD! what would he do now?

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    Vengeance!!! She served him a lot of dose at once o…

  4. Yea payback time!!.
    Might have been in a hurry, I will try avoid the misspelled words in future, thanks a lot for sticking with us @lone

  5. ASAD, What will he do now, let’s see shaa.
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  6. He really got served in doses, all at once.
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    she could have forgave him

    1. Forgive and let everything be, well it wouldn’t be flames of vengeance anymore.
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    Hehehehe I know whats happening to Asad is sad but I just couldn’t stop laughing…. Everything is crashing down. This part made me appreciate reading the story from Asad’s point of view. I loved how he spoke of his relatonship with Nadia and his wife. We get to see how his been feeling all these while when all his swife has been doing is planning a revenage. Madam ooh you rushed this part But I know the next part will be smoother….

    Next oo!!

    1. @ufuomaoteble thanks for reading.
      You were laughing at Asad ehhh anyway I could have found it funny too.

  9. What has been pored above
    are enough to make you fly like a dove
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  10. A beautiful poem just for me, :-) :-) :-) :-)
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    1. @ameenaedrees, more are coming
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    Wucked Wucked Wuman (pronounced the way I wrote it). Ol’ boy. Hmmmm. No further comments.

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