#Ebola – Historical Details

#Ebola – Historical Details

Who was the first African
To export deadly disease across Africa?
Who was the eminent personality
At the point of eternity
Who denied contact with the dead?
Who made martyrs of our best
And killed Adadevoh as a guest?

Was he a Liberian?
Or an African American?
Who knows?
Of a man
Who Pulled his IV
And killed the Nurses?
Was he the first patient with Zaire strain?
Maybe Ebola affected his brain,

Was he quarantined?
As a common criminal confined

If it’s Sawyer
Then it is Patrick
Who played the trick
He wanted hugs
But carried bugs
The consultants were marvelled
That Ebola has travelled
And when like Judas he was pranked
He ran to the bathroom an died a fool.

Was he only human
Never wanting to die alone
Preferring to share the blame
As most of us would.

Then it is Sawyer
It is Patrick
Who put Ebola on the map.

3 thoughts on “#Ebola – Historical Details” by samuel o-e (@benchmark)

  1. Good, but kinda ‘too sarcastic’ for me..

  2. @praize Ebola is a very deadly disease a poetry on such should be grave and sarcastic….#my thoughts

  3. Laced with elements
    of facts like life cements
    I love the flow of the poem
    but it can be improved upon

    Keep writing bard :)

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